CoDA Service Conference Summary For 2023

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Date: September 21st 2023


Good afternoon, Fellowship:

Sorry for the delay in getting the CoDA Service Conference recap out to youThe new Board is a bit behind schedule however, we are happy to be serving you. 


Let us know how we can better serve your needs! 


This year was our third hybrid (virtual and in person) Conference (CSC), and it was a great experienceWe had Delegates from all over the world involved, and it was nice to have a room full of participants.   


The Events Committee did an amazing job planning and supporting the CoDA Service Conference, and the International CoDA ConventionWe appreciate all their hard work and service. 


2024 will be in Ottawa, CanadaIf you do not have a passport, start working on it nowThe dates are July 21, 2024, to 25th for the CSC, and July 26-28th for the ICC.   


We cannot wait to be together again doing the business of the Fellowship. 


Below is the yearly Motions summary: 


2022 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) Motions Summary. 


To see the complete text of any given motion, go to: 


VE - NorCal CoDA   

Motion 23019 

Committees Voice and Vote 

VOTE: Yes - 16 No - 27 Abstain - Motion Result – defeated  



Motion 23020 

Give voice to all participants in room and on zoom 

VOTE: Yes - 40 No - 6 Abstain - 4 Motion Result – Passed  



Motion 23022 

Conducting group conscience business meetings for the FSM. 

VOTE: Yes - 48 No - 0 Abstain - 0 Motion Result – Pass  



Motion 23023 

Replacing Robert’s Rules of Orders Part 3 section 6 

VOTE Yes - 45 No - 4 Abstain - 2  



Motion 23024 

Additional wording regarding use of CoDA Trademarks 

VOTE Yes - 48 No - 0 Abstain - 2  


Delegate Relations Task Force 

Motion 23029 

Delegate Relations Task Force (DRTF) transition into Delegate Relations Committee (DRC) 

VOTE : Yes - 41 No - 4 Abstain - 2  



Motion 23031 

CoDAteen Preamble and Welcome 

VOTE Yes - 44 No - 2 Abstain - 1 



Motion 23034 

Minimum Behavioral and Safety Requirements 

VOTE : Yes - 37 No - 4 Abstain - 5 



Motion n/a 

To endorse the use of “CoDAteen Parental Permission Letter” as revised per legal advice and attached. This is the 2nd year to be endorsed at the CoDA Service Conference. 

VOTE: Yes - 40 No - 4 Abstain - 2  



Motion 23036 

To endorse the “What is CoDAteen?” Pamphlet as attached 

VOTE: Yes - 37 No - 0 Abstain - 7  



Motion n/a 

New pamphlet, Reparenting Our Inner Child 

VOTE: Yes - 46 No - 3 Abstain - 3  



Motion 23041 

New book, Growing Up in CoDA 

VOTE: Yes - 39 No - 6 Abstain - 6 



Motion 23042 

New Recovery Patterns 

VOTE: Yes - 28 No - 17 Abstain - 3  



Motion 23044 

The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook of Co-Dependents Anonymous, Fourth Consolidated Edition, Twentieth Anniversary Edition 

VOTE: Yes - 50 No - 0 Abstain - 0  


VE - NorCal CoDA 

Motion 23047 

Approve the revised "WORKING STEPS 4 & 5 - USING THE 40 QUESTIONS” as a Conference Endorsed Service Item to be placed on the “Service Materials” page of the website just under “the 30 QUESTIONS” link 

VOTE: : Yes - 45 No - 0 Abstain - 2  


VE - NorCal CoDA 

Motion 23048 

Voice at All Future CoDA Service Conferences (CSC) 

VOTE: Yes - 45 No - 3 Abstain 



Motion 23049 

Increase of North American Delegate Grants (includes United States, Mexico and Canada) and International Delegate Grants –  

VOTE: : Yes - 46 No - 0 Abstain - 0  



Motion n/a 

Abstain Vote 

VOTE: Withdrawn 



Motion :23052 

CoDA Service Conference Facilitator Eligibility Defined 

VOTE: Yes - 45 No - 0 Abstain - 2  



Motion 23054 

Hybrid Community Problem Solving Method (CPSM - Hybrid) 

VOTE: Yes - 45 No - 3 Abstain -  



Motion 23055 

To hold 2024 CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention in Ottawa, Canada on the following dates... 

VOTE: Approved by acclimation: passed 



Motion 23056 

Add the Spanish translation of the CoDA logo to the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM). 

VOTE: Yes - 47 No - Abstain  



Motion 23057 

Online groups have long been sharing these meditations during meetings, one day at a time. It is time to recognize this practice as a method of attraction rather than promotion 

VOTE: Withdrawn 


Motion 23059 

CoDA Board Elections 

VOTE: All 5 were elected 


Motion 23060 

CoDA Resource Publishing (CoRE) Board Elections 

VOTE: all 4 Were Elected 



Motion 23061 

VOTE: all 9 were elected 



Motion 23066 

To Ratify Board Motions in between the CoDA Service Conference since 2022 CSC 

VOTE Yes - 44 No - 2 Abstain  



Motion n/a 

CoDAteen Meeting Handbook (2nd year with revisions) 

VOTE: Yes - 44 No - 2 Abstain  



Motion 23067 

CoDAteen Step Study Guide (2nd year) 

VOTE Yes - 47 No - 0 Abstain - 2 



Motion 23067 

Approval of the 2024 Budget for CoDA International 

VOTE : Yes - 38 No - 2 Abstain - 6  



Motion 23072 

Finance late motion submitted - move forward to hear motion in Finance Committee presentations 

VOTE : Approved by acclimation  



Motion 23073 

Hospitals & Institutions Preliminary grant process for International Voting Entities’ Books for Inmates & Institutions Programs 

VOTE: Yes - 47 No - 0 Abstain  



Motion 23075 

Removal of Voting Entity Issues from the Fellowship Service Manual FSM from below segment and replace Voting Entity Issue 

VOTE : Yes - 45 No - 0 Abstain - 0  



Motion 23076 

Conference Endorsed Literature requirement 

VOTE : Tabled 



Motion 23077 

“2024 Year Of Tradition 1 

VOTE : Yes - 43 No - Abstain - 4  


VE (?) 

Motion 23077 

Retain the Current version of the Recovery Patterns of Codependence online as CoDA conference endorsed service item 

VOTE : Yes - 41 No - 2 Abstain -  



Motion 23080 

To approve the 2023 CoDA Service Conference Motions 

VOTE : Yes - 44 No - 0 Abstain - 1  



Thank you again everyone for a wonderful Conference 


In Service, 

CoDA Board of Trustees 



Here is a full summary of the conference: 

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