Have You Considered Doing CoDA Service At The World Level?

From: "CoDA Announcements" <codalist@codependents.org>
Date: July 15th 2023


CoDA members, such as yourself, are a valuable asset to our recovery program!

We would love you to consider joining a committee at the world level! It's a great way to give back and for you to truly make a difference!

Many have personally found doing service to be a great way to learn to set boundaries and say no when we need or want to. Especially early on, some need to learn what limits are, and service in CoDA is a great way to practice in a safe environment.

It’s also an excellent way to learn about the 12 Traditions, make new friends in recovery, practice the 3rd tradition by actively coming to consensus & group conscience in a healthy and respectful manner, learn how to encourage & participate in building a healthy consensus, and help to insure CoDA’s continued health and presence - and to just plain enjoy some fun & fellowship!

Interested? Here's a list of World Service options with brief descriptions. Please email any committee you are potentially interested in joining with any questions!


CoDA Teen - Organizing & supporting CoDA meetings for teens. codateen@coda.org

Communications Subcommittees:

* CoDA Email Team - Answers CoDA questions submitted by email info@coda.org

* C-Phone - as above but responds to phone calls cphone@coda.org

Co-NNections Committee - Publishes Articles from members wishing to share their experience and hope. Both by email, and with a quarterly "Meeting In Print". connections@coda.org

Events Committee - The CoDA Events Committee plans the CoDA Service Conference, International Conventions and Retreats. Tech skills or event experience would be helpful but not necessary, it requires one year of CoDA recovery and a willingness to learn, work and have fun. events@coda.org

Finance Committee - Help the still suffering codependent by providing financial oversight and advice to our fellow CoDA committees and Board. We need people with a variety of skills on the committee, so you don’t need to be a math/finance guru to serve. finance@coda.org

Hospital & Institutions Committee (H&I) - The purpose of the Hospital and Institutions Committee (H&I) is to carry the message of CoDA to codependents through medical, penal, educational and social services institutions. It is this committee’s goal to act as a resource and support to the local H&I service through correspondence, providing literature, newsletters, sponsorship of inmates, and sharing our Experience, Strength & Hope. hosp@coda.org

Issues & Mediation Committee (IMC) - Mediates disputes in CoDA. Monitors Voting Entity Issues (VEI’s). imc@coda.org

CoDA Literature Committee (CLC) - Writes new pieces of literature for the Fellowship, including books, booklets, and pamphlets. Edits existing pieces, as needed, prior to re-printing. Requires good writing and editing skills, a minimum of two years working the CoDA program, and a working knowledge of Steps and Traditions. literature@coda.org

Outreach Committee - Works to carry the message to codependents who still suffer. outreach@coda.org

Spanish Outreach Committee (SPO) - Answers Spanish Questions via email and serves the CoDA Spanish Community. espanol@coda.org

World Connections Committee (WCC) - Supports and encourages other countries (Voting Entities) in CoDA development and growth. wcc@coda.org

* A few committees have specific requirements; & some have minimum time in CoDA requirements

Please don't hesitate to email any committee that you are interested in joining!

 With respect, CoDA Board of Trustees




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