CoDA Board Minutes 10/1/22

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes 10/1/22
Date: January 8th 2023


CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees

October 1st, 2022

Day/Time: Saturday - 8-9:30 am Pacific Time

Acknowledging that we are all here for our personal recovery.
The mission of the CoDA Board of Trustees is to ensure the longevity and fiscal health of the organization, to support the Fellowship’s ongoing service work, to promote CoDA unity and to reach the still suffering codependents.


Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Step Ten: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Tradition Ten: CoDA has no opinion on outside issues; hence the CoDA name ought never be drawn into public controversy.

CoDA Service Concept Ten: When the CoDA Service Conference is in session, the CoDA

Board of Trustees is directly responsible to the Conference. When not in session, the

Conference assigns its decision-making authority on material matters to the Trustees. The Board of Trustees is authorized to monitor the work of Conference-appointed service committees and may provide assistance or guidelines when necessary. The Trustees serve as the board of directors of CoDA, Inc., the non-profit corporation, are assigned custodial control of all money and property held in trust for the Fellowship, and are responsible for prudent management of its finances.

Promise Ten: I no longer need to rely solely on others to provide my sense of worth.

Attendance and order of round robin – Barbara, Faith, Florence, Joe, Katherine, Lisa, Steve,

Tina, Yaniv, (Chairs Forum representative), Gail

*Absent: Florence, Joe Check ins:

Start recording


Other motions via email or Executive Session:

MOTION TO APPROVE 09-10-2022 Public Board Meeting Minutes

emailed out September 14th, unanimous approval via email on September 17th. This will be posted on at

Treasurer’s Report:

Wells Fargo Savings$200,002.13
JP Morgan Chase Checking$24,864.77
JP Morgan Chase Savings$220,477.01
National Bank Of Arizona$100,960.44
Total Assets$546,304.35


MOTION TO APPROVE: Above Consent Agenda.

Moved: Barbara         Second: Katherine               Vote: Unanimously approved


WEBSITE update - issues being worked on:

  • Meeting Search Issues (Time Zone Strategy & F2F/Hybrid meetings):
  • Member Resources page: New sections have been completed: 1) How to start a meeting; 2) Meeting Materials; 3) What do you think?

Previous Report: Added a 4th box for Service Info. Meeting materials page still needs some work. “What do you think” is for opinions for literature, this is in the process of revision.

Need to add “40 Questions and CoDA teen materials”.

  • Site map for website: This will be worked on after the Member Resource page. Difficulty accessing the old website which is causing delays.


  • Delegates Relations Task Force Board Liaison Katherine, Back up Florence:

Oct 8th at 6 pm pacific time, first meeting is set.

  • Alternate Format Meeting Task Force (AFMTF) Board Liaison Katherine, Back up Florence First meeting, I believe, is tomorrow.

  • Gender Inclusive Task Force: This is in the process of being created due to the 2021 Canada Voting Entity Issue (VEI) that was submitted too late for 2021 CoDA Service Conference (CSC). Subsequently a 2022 CSC motion was submitted by the Board, of which was later withdrawn. Post CSC discussions, the Board felt it best to create a Task Force (volunteers have already volunteered)


  • 2 CSC motions that did not pass ⅔ vote: Comm, WCC


  • See email: “CoDA App and Privacy Policy required by Google”: Topic submitted by Linda of Spanish Outreach.

EMail from SPO was read. Questions. 3rd party sites connected with the app? Attachment would need legal review. The email attachment was written by SPO? Nadia created the app, this Privacy Policy is specific to the app which was prepared by Nadia. Nadia wishes to have the attorney to review. “CoDA App Privacy Policy” would be the document name.

MOTION to send the “CoDA App Privacy Policy” in English and Spanish to our attorney for review.

Motion: Barbara   Second: Katherine  Vote: Unanimous

Questions or comments from our observers?

Ady (Mexico): we hope we can have a few minutes in order  to request the following:

We have completed the process of the Publication and Distribution contract on August 15, after 8 months, 6 days and 59 exclusive mailings on this issue, we thank the servers involved for the support given to make it happen.

In view of the above, we request:

Share with us the files that are included in the contract.

We request your prompt response in order to be able to communicate in our EV in a reliable and clear way the time in which we will be able to print these documents

Katherine: has Connie been able to access all the files to our Board Dropbox? Yes.

Meeting with TMC is tomorrow.

Estimated time: no later than 2 weeks, hopefully sooner.

30ish documents that were requested. Are we sending in English or in Spanish?

Maria, (Mexico): can we get the file of the 12 steps and traditions in English? Need a copy of the fully executed contracts.

Katherine will send tomorrow: 12 Steps and 12 Traditions in English. Within 2 weeks or sooner will send copies of the contracts.

A group breaking 10 of 12 Traditions: copyright consequences if you break them? Sharing PDF’s via WhatsApp. If they had a legal letter that can be presented to stop them from breaking copyright laws. IMC indicated that this is a Board matter, not IMC. Needs written/legal support from CoDA Inc.

This type of information needs to be sent to

Also, last Board members did not share the files? TMCoordinator and Katherine as Board Liaison will work on getting the requested documents back.

Next Public Board Meeting – November 5th, 2022 (1st Sat of month)

Next Workgroup Meeting: October 23, 2022 (typically 3rd Sunday of month) was moved from the 16th.

Move to Executive Session:

Executive topics will include, but not limited to:

  • Continued discussions on Old Business from previous Board Executive meetings
  • Twelve Tradition Prayers - Formatting needed


2019-2022 minutes:

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