CoDA Service Conference Summary For 2022

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Subject: CoDA Service Conference Summary For 2022
Date: October 3rd 2022


To our Fellowship:

Our first hybrid (virtual and in person) CoDA Service Conference (CSC) was a great experience & allowed members from the entire world to be involved!

Here is a full summary of the conference:

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Motion Summary:


2022 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) Motions Summary.


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  • Motion: 22024 To ratify the Board motions from the end of 2021 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to the beginning of 2022 CoDA Service Conference (CSC).

Vote: Unanimous


  • Motion: 22025 To replace the words/term "community service group" with “Intergroup, Region or Voting Entity (VE)” wherever it may be in the current Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) and on any of our websites.    

    Vote: Unanimous


  • Motion: 22027 For motions that do not attain a 2/3 majority at CoDA Service Conference (CSC), and are thus not binding on the Board, the CoDA Board will:
    1) Review such motions within 60 days of the close of CSC.
    2) Make a determination on whether the Board agrees to be bound by the motion.
    3) Communicate that determination to the Fellowship and the reasoning for the determination via CoDA Fellowship email announcement.
    4) Document that determination in the Motions Database as a new attachment to the motion in question.

Vote: Unanimous


  • Motion: 22029 To reinstate CoDAteen Standing CoDA Committee to continue the work started by the CoDAteen Task Force which was established by the CoDA Board after the 2021 CSC.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22030 To approve the CoDAteen Preamble and Welcome (Short and Long version) as written below as foundational documents for CoDAteen.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22033: Motion: To accept the “CoDA’s Minimum Behavioral and Safety Requirements for CoDAteen” as written and revised and reviewed by legal counsel.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22034 Motion: To approve the CoDAteen Meeting Handbook as revised and attached to be used by CoDA groups and in CoDAteen meetings and be placed on the website for any additional input or suggestions for revisions from CoDA and CoDAteen Fellowship, and CoDA World Committees.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22035 Motion: To accept the revised CoDAteen Step Study Guide.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22036 Motion: To approve the use of “CoDAteen Parental Permission Letter” as revised per legal advice.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


Translation Management Committee (TMC)


  • Motion: 22043 Motion: The Translation Management Committee moves to dissolve itself as a standing committee following the 2022 CoDA Service Conference. Update the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) appropriately changing responsibility from Translation Management Committee (TMC) to Translation Management Coordinator.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


Service Structure Committee (SSC)


  • Motion: 22045 Motion: The Service Structure Committee moves to dissolve itself as a standing committee. Any mention of Service Structure Committee (SSC) in the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) and shall be removed. The current committee duties of SSC will be reassigned to the Board of Trustees. 

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


Communication Committee (Comm)


  • Motion: 22048 Motion: CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) GUIDELINES FOR ANONYMITY IN SOCIAL MEDIA NOTE: The following Guidelines were originally approved for Fellowship use at the 2015 CoDA Service Conference (CSC). There was an updated version approved by CSC in 2021. This rewrite is presented to CSC 2022

Vote: Tabled

Note: this motion was later withdrawn by the committee.


  • Motion: 22049 Motion: Proposed revision of the Communication Committee description in the FSM.

Vote: Simple Majority, not binding on the Board




  • Motion: 22051 Motion: CoDA Inc. will use gender-inclusive language, replacing all heteronormative language that excludes gender identities. This pertains to, though is not limited to: CoDA Inc. literature, documents, web site, media, and any future publications, whether by CoDA Resource Publishing, Inc (CoRe) or any other publisher.

Vote: Withdrawn.

Note: if you have interest in this motion, the Board is considering creating a Task Force. Please email if you are interested in participating.


  • Motion: 22052 Process established once Literature is approved at CoDA Service Conference (CSC) as Conference Endorsed Literature.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22053 Update Fellowship Service Manual (FSM): Fellowship Services Workers (FSW) verbiage.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


Voting Entities (VE’s)


  • Motion: 22056 Motion - ARIZONA VE: New Proposed CoDA Preamble for all the people. Preamble: Co-Dependents Anonymous is a Fellowship of people whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. We gather together to support and share with each other in a journey of self-discovery - learning to love the self. Living the program allows each of us to become increasingly honest with ourselves about our personal histories and our own codependent behaviors. We rely upon the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions for knowledge and wisdom. These are the principles of our program and guides to developing honest and fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. In CoDA, we each learn to build a bridge to a Higher Power of our understanding, and we allow others the same privilege. This renewal process is a gift of healing for us. By actively working the program of Co-Dependents Anonymous, we can each realize a new joy, acceptance, and serenity in our lives.

    Note: Because this is a Foundational document, it needed to be voted and passed 2 years in a row. This was the second year. The only change was from “men and women” to “people”.


Vote: 3/4 Majority.

Motion: 22058 Northern California (NorCal) CoDA requests approval to have the “40 Questions” draft version posted on CoDA website for a one-year review as "provisional release". Full name: "WORKING STEPS 4 & 5 - USING THE 40 QUESTIONS"

Vote: Unanimous


World Connections Committee (WCC)


  • Motion: 22059 CoDA approved literature available in the languages of CoDA Fellowship worldwide.

Vote: Simple Majority, not binding on the Board.


CoDA Literature Committee (CLC)


  • Motion: 22061 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to endorse a new prayer, entitled “A Prayer for Healing”, as a service piece for the Fellowship. Higher Power, thank you for showing me this memory. It is a painful one. Thank you for starting to uncover this part of me. Higher Power, I welcome your healing light to shine on all corners of this memory so that I can love this part of me, too.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22062 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to endorse a new pamphlet, entitled: “CoDA Conference Endorsed Literature is Vital”.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22063 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to endorse the revised Prayers for The Twelve Traditions of Co-Dependents Anonymous: Prayers for The Twelve Traditions.

Vote: Tabled.

Note: See Motion: 22080 below


  • Motion: 22064 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to adopt a detailed procedure for new literature presented at CSC. Procedure for Accepting Voting Entity Literature submitted to CSC.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22065 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to approve CoDA, Inc. to hire a developmental editor to work with the CoDA Literature Committee in support of creating a new, full-length book for the Fellowship, “Growing Up in CoDA, Becoming Emotionally Mature”.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


Hospitals & Institutions Committee (H&I)


  • Motion: 22075 To update the Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Committee Mission Statement in the Fellowship Service Manual.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


Finance Committee


  • Motion: 22076 We move that the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) approves the following 2023 budget for CoDA, Inc.: 

US$237,737 as a reasonable estimate for 2023 income 

US$185,788 for 2023 Overhead expenses 

US$115,956 for 2023 CSC expenses 

US$55,936 for 2023 Face-to-Face meeting expenses


US$119,943 budget shortfall to be paid out of CoDA Inc. surplus savings.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


CoDA Literature Committee (CLC)


  • Motion: 22080 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) to endorse the revised Prayers for The Twelve Traditions of Co -Dependents Anonymous.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.

Note: See Motion: 22063 which was tabled earlier


  • Motion: 22081 CSC to provide standing approval for ongoing updates of the CoDA Blue Book Pocket Edition so that it matches the current edition of Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.




  • Motion: 22083 To add the use of the Co-Dependents Anonymous Book to the minimal meeting requirements to be considered a CoDA meeting.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22084 The Board proposes 2023 as the year of “Rebuilding and Rejuvenation”.

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


  • Motion: 22088 Create a new standing World Committee “Delegates Relations Task Force” (DRTF) 

Vote:  2/3 Majority.


In Service,

CoDA Board of Trustees


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