CoDA Board F2F Workgroup Minutes October 17, 2021

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Subject: CoDA Board F2F Workgroup Minutes October 17, 2021
Date: December 4th 2021


CoDA Board of Trustees Meeting 

F2F Workgroup Minutes  
October 17, 2021 

 Day/Time: Sunday  

8-9:15 am Pacific  

9-10:15 am Guatemala 

       10 am -11:15 am Central 

11 am-12:15 pm Eastern 

12 Noon-1:15 pm Atlantic 

6:00-7:15 pm Israel 


Board Mission Statement

 Acknowledging that we are all here for our personal recovery, the mission of the CoDA Board of Trustees is to ensure the longevity and fiscal health of the organization, to support the Fellowship’s ongoing service work, to promote CoDA unity and to reach the still suffering codependents. 

Attending:Barbara, Faith, Florence, Joe, Gail 
Absent: Yaniv, Katherine



Motion – To approve the October 2, 2021 (Public Meeting) Minutes

Moved: Gail 2nd: Barbara Vote: Unanimous



  • Meeting Search Issues (Time Zone Strategy) still in progress
  • Missing Meeting in Print MiP – PDF’s: no further updates
  • Post CSC Motion related action items:
    • Canada VE Literature – Twelve Service Concepts:

Motion To have CoRe reformat the Twelve Service Concepts and future literature pieces as needed, with Board reimbursing CoRe for costs.

Moved: Barbara  2nd: Gail Vote: Unanimous

    • Tradition 11 change on website – changes are in, waiting for the “conference endorsed statement” to be added. Carlos is working on adding the statement.
    • Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) has been submitted to webmaster for upload.
    • Recaptcha – issue resolved.
    • ADA accessible still working on getting quotes.
    • Chat/forum/email categories still work in progress.
    • User Tree: new tool to assess website structure and utility.
  • COVID-19 information for meetings on website: to be updated.



  • is being shared at meetings for people looking for sponsors. There is no one using that alias, should this be forwarded to To be followed up with Communications Committee, then email blast to the Fellowship.
  • Outreach Committee: emailed 2 proposals.
  1. Regarding their request to change their committee name to “World Outreach”. A request for a 2x2 meeting will be sent to them.
  2. Site map for website.This will be followed up by web liaison and IntersectionOnline, web developer.
  • Translation Management Committee (TMC) Board would like to discuss the status of this committee. A request for a 2x4 meeting will be sent to them (2 TMC and Joe, Katherine, Florence and Gail). They can have 3 members.
  • Late Quarterly Service Reports (QSRs) - Liaisons to follow up.
  • Orphan aliases: will be listed and sent to the Board for investigation.

Strategic planning meeting October 24, 2021

Next Public Board Meeting – November 6, 2021

Next Workgroup Meeting – November 21, 2021


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