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Subject: CoDA: Step Study Groups
Date: November 11th 2021

Step Study - What Is it??

Have you ever heard of a Step Study? Or a Step Study Meeting?

It is a way to work through the Steps with a group. It requires a commitment to the work, and generally takes a year or more to get through the Steps and Traditions.

How Does It Work? There are some different writings on how this works - this is just one.

Someone (most likely someone who already sponsors) wants to start a group study of the Steps and announces at their meeting or intergroup that they are starting one. The person that is starting it is generally the leader of the group for its length. The group meets and decides on a day and time to meet each week, how many the group will hold, and agrees that when this study is over, the people will all become sponsors. The agreement is anyone can join up through Step 3, but after that, Step 4 means very vulnerable sharing, and so the group is closed before Step 4 begins.

Each meeting, everyone comes prepared with written thoughts and answers to the questions in the workbook for the Step to be discussed. They also come to the meeting with one, two or three questions they think would be good questions for discussion. The meeting chair begins the meeting with the Serenity prayer, and then begins by sharing some of their thoughts and answers. The discussion goes around the group, each sharing for an agreed upon time. They will only get through some of what they wrote each time around, and the Step may require more than one meeting – most likely two or three. Step 4 will probably require more than a month, maybe two.

The Traditions often are included in this. The Step followed by the Tradition. The questions for the Traditions may come out of the booklet Relationship Toolkit - it has some great questions - along with the questions from the workbook.

If you would like to start a Step Study or would like some more information, please contact

The Communications committee is providing information about one way to hold a step study so you can get one started in your area. We don’t have specific information about any being held at this time, we are hoping this will create interest and get some started. If you want to start one and need some information on how others have done them, please send a note to


Mary I

Communications committee



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