CoDA: Suggestions To Keep On Line Meetings Safe

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Subject: CoDA: Suggestions To Keep On Line Meetings Safe
Date: March 17th 2021


With many of our CoDA meetings moved to internet based video rooms & phone lines, by now you’ve probably heard of the “bombers” that like to interrupt meetings with their inappropriate behaviors. 

Here are some suggestions to help keep your group’s meetings safe. 

These are not 100% inclusive; it is best to research the help file of the provider or vendor that your meeting chooses.

1. Never use your personal meeting ID - Instead, consider generating a new meeting ID for your meeting.

2. Consider using a meeting password.

3. Consider using a "waiting room" featureThis allows the meeting host(s) to vet each person before granting them access to the meeting. 

4. Mute audio and disable video as folks enter the meeting  - Ask them to unmute when it is their time to share. 

5. Turn off screen sharing for everyone but the meeting host(s).

6. Be prepared to remove anyone that is disruptive with inappropriate behavior.

We hope these suggestions will help you to keep CoDA meetings healthy, safe, and secure!


                                              In Service,

                                The CoDA Board of Trustees  



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