CoDA Service Conference Summary For 2020

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Subject: CoDA Service Conference Summary For 2020
Date: September 24th 2020


To the Fellowship:


Our first internet only service conference was a great experience, & allowed members from the entire world to be involved!

We plan to continue the internet access in the future, including when we are able to meet in person again.

Here is a full summary of the conference:

To see the complete text of any given motion, visit the Conference Motions page and click on Online Motions Database.

And here is a summary of the motions presented and the outcome of each.


  • Motion 20020 – Prior to each vote at all CoDA Service Conferences, call for "thirty seconds" of silence to ask for Higher Power’s guidance, followed by the Serenity Prayer. Update the FSM accordingly. This motion is the result of a VEI submitted by So Cal. Motion Key 5144 Passed with 2/3 majority.



  • Motion 20021 – #1 Provide an additional five days for Webmaster and Email List Coordinator to post everything – Bylaw Motions, Motions, Voting Entity Issues, Budgets, Goals and Objectives and Annual  Reports – in the Delegate Package, by changing the Fellowship Service Manual, part 4, sect. 2. This deadline is now 70 days before the start of the CoDA Service Conference. It exists so that everyone can learn about the topics that will be considered. Motion Key 5145 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20022 – #2 Correct an error duplicating the phrase ‘Board of Trustees’ in the first sentence of the “Corporation” section of the Bylaws, so that it reads:

“The Corporation, through the Co-Dependents Anonymous Board of Trustees (aka CoDA Board), is responsible for the legal and business needs of the Fellowship.”

Motion Key 5146 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 20023 – #3 Amending three of our Foundational Documents – the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Service Concepts– shall be a two-year process. Any motion to amend these Foundational Documents must receive a minimum of two-thirds (66%) vote to be placed on the next year’s CSC agenda for a second vote. At the following year's CSC, a three-quarters (75%) vote must be obtained to establish the proposed change. Motion Key: 5147 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20024 – #4 Point Number 9 is added to the list of Qualifications for the "Job Description" for a Trustee of the Board of CoDA:

9. Minimum requirement of attendance at any one of the last five CSCs, including the current CSC year, (either as a delegate or trusted servant). If such demonstration is not possible, at the discretion of the board, this requirement could be waived. Ask the applicant to demonstrate their knowledge of CSC based on past attendance.

Motion Key: 5148 Passed with 2/3 majority.


Service Structure Committee

  • Motion 20025 – # 2 Replace the current wording of Tradition 11 as follows:

Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television, and all other public forms of communication. Motion Key: 5149 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 20026 – #3 Effective immediately, the following guidelines shall be followed when referring to CoDA:

1) CoDA Fellowship refers to our recovery program and the members in it and can be used at any level

2) CoDA World or CoDA International refers to anything at the world/international level of our service organization

3) CoDA, Inc. refers to the Corporation

Motion Key: 5150 Passed with 2/3 majority.



Ad Hoc Committee

  • Motion 20027 – #1 Add this paragraph from Co-Dependents Anonymous (the CoDA Blue Book), page 85 Chapter 4, Service to Others in the Meeting Handbook, Part 2 of the Fellowship Service Manual in "Foundational and Meeting Documents" between the 12 Promises and the Patterns and Characteristics.

"Our Twelve Steps and their spiritual principles help us to establish our recovery in our relationships with God, ourselves, and others. They offer us spiritual guidelines to help us work with others. Service work in CoDA enables us to put these spiritual guidelines into practice. It embraces a healthy spirit of giving and enables CoDA to exist. Through service work, we acknowledge and esteem every person and their recovery, talents, and abilities. Service work enables us to deepen the recovery we experience and allows God's gift of recovery to touch the hearts and minds of other codependents.”

When revising existing literature and creating new literature, the CoDA Literature Committee will add “Service” as the 5th part of the CoDA program as appropriate. Motion Key: 5151 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 20028 – #2 Declare to the Fellowship that 2021 is the Year of Service, asking that every CoDA meeting, every standing committee, and the CoDA Board all mount campaigns emphasizing service as a basic part of recovery. Motion Key: 5152 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20029 – #3 approve options for a CoDA prayer based on Service Concept Seven:

Service Unity Work Prayer:

“Higher Power, please help us stay mindful in our service work, reminding us that we do not seek personal power, nor do we govern or control others to advance our personal agendas. Instead, we practice: Anonymity, Humility, Tolerance, Gratitude, Amends, and Forgiveness"
Motion Key: 5153 Passed with 2/3 majority.

  • Motion 20030 - #4 Insert the following revised structural chart of CoDA into part 1 of the FSM. Motion Key: 5154 Approved by a simple majority.

  • Motion 20031 – #5 Place the following chart of the legal and operational structure of CoDA into part 5 of the FSM. Motion Key: 5155 Approved by a simple majority.

  • Motion 20032 – #6 After the 2020 CSC, one standing committee Chair will be an active participant at the Board’s monthly public meetings, except for executive sessions. The committee Chair will have voice but no vote. Chairs will participate on a rotating basis, as determined by the Chairs Forum. Motion Key: 5156 Passed with 2/3 majority.



  • Motion 20034 – #1 Change the latest wording of the Welcome by changing “families” back to “family” to make the document more readable. Motion Key: 5158 This motion was defeated.


CoDA Canada Voting Entity Issue

  • VEI 20035 – #1 Offer the new Canadian pamphlet, The Service Concepts, Alive & Strong! to the VE Literature process that was established in motions 17001 and 17002. Through this process, literature developed in Voting Entities can come to be considered official CoDA literature. This process gives the Fellowship an opportunity to provide feedback or suggest improvements. Motion Key: 5159 Passed with 2/3 majority. Note: This matter will be brought back to the 2021 CSC for final approval.

CoRe (CoDA Resource Publishing, Inc.)

  • Motion 20036 – Establish a Content Task Force (CTF) to communicate with Voting Entities to identify materials written and used by CoDA entities around the globe, in order to encourage Voting Entities to bring these materials to the CoDA Service Conference for the two-year approval process established by Motions 17001 and 17002. Motion Key: 5160 Approved by a simple majority.


Issues Mediation Committee

  • Motion 20038 – Multiple changes to wording throughout the FSM, deleting the Travel Reimbursement Opportunity and introducing the Grant, in accordance with the revised 2020 Expense Reimbursement Policy. The Grant program is designed to bring Voting Entity Delegates to the CoDA Service Conference when a Voting Entity is financially unable to send Delegates. Voting Entities may reapply for a Grant every 6 years, to send Delegates to the CSC. Motion Key: 5162 Passed with 2/3 majority.



  • Motion 20044 – Since CoDA agreed to host an in-person CoDA Service Conference (CSC) in 2021, we therefore agree to approve the following budget for CoDA, Inc.

 $203,692 as a conservative estimate of 2021 income

-$122,262 for 2021 overhead expenses

-$131,112 for 2021 CSC/ICC expenses

   $49,682 budget shortfall to be paid out of CoDA Inc. savings
Motion Key: 5193 Passed with 2/3 majority.



CoDA Service Conference

  • Motion 20003 – Give voice to the following attendees during the virtual 2020 CoDA Service Conference: Chairs of Committees, the Issues Mediation Committee’s Voting Entity Liaison, Events Committee members and Alternate Delegates. Motion Key: 5172 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20007 – Procedural motions (e.g., adjourning, breaks, end of conference, etc.) are exempt from the several part, Community Problem Solving Method that is the motion process. During for the 2020 CSC, they will be handled by a simple poll or voice vote. Motion Key: 5175 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20009 – Ratify the motions passed by the CoDA Board of Trustees since the last CoDA Service Conference. Motion Key: 5178 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20010 – Approve the Monday, 8/24/20 CSC Motions Motion Key: 5179 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20015 – Approve the Tuesday, 8/25/20 CSC Motions. Motion Key: 5184 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20016 – In view of the online format of this 2020 CoDA Service Conference, limit pros and cons to four apiece, even if the 8 minutes scheduled is not completely used up. Motion Key: 5185 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20019 – Introduce an item as new business at the end of the day's agenda. Motion Key: 5188 Approved by a simple majority.
  • Motion 20040 – Election of candidates to CoDA Board of Trustees: Barbara D - Northern California, Jose R – Guatemala, Faith J – Canada, Gail S – Nevada, Yaniv S – Israel. Motion Key: 5189 All candidates were approved by 2/3rds majority.
  • Motion 20041 – Election of candidates to Board of CoDA Resource Publishing, Inc., or CoRe: Chris H – Arizona, Madeline – Florida, Richard I - Canada Motion Key: 5190 All candidates were approved by 2/3rds majority.
  • Motion 20042 – Election of candidates to Issues Mediation Committee: Steve S – Florida, Chris J – Illinois, Dan R – Canada, Greg B – Minnesota, Darlene - Southern California, Andrea S – Italy, Gillian A - United Kingdom, Laurie C – Georgia. Motion Key: 5191 All candidates were approved by 2/3rds majority.
  • Motion 20045 – Give both voice and vote to everyone present at the time of the Zoom bombing on August 25th, concerning the motion to sanction the Zoom bomber. Motion Key: 5194 Passed with 2/3 majority.
  • Motion 20046 – Impose a sanction against the Zoom Bomber, in accordance with Service Concept 8, involving removal from service and Fellowship membership, effective immediately. Motion Key: 5195 Motion was defeated.
  • Motion 20048 – Approve all 2020 CSC motions. Motion Key: 5196 Motion passed unanimously. 


In Service,

CoDA Board of Trustees



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