CoDA: Time's Running Out To Share Your Group Conscience With Delegates For The 2020 Conference

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Subject: CoDA: Time's Running Out To Share Your Group Conscience With Delegates For The 2020 Conference
Date: August 7th 2020


The CoDA Service Conference (CSC) is only 17 days away! If your meeting, intergroup, regional or state CoDA Organisation wishe to share your group conscience with your delegate(s) regarding any 2020 issues, we suggest you do so soon!

Other than 1 or 2 last minute additions the full CoDA Service Conference (CSC) delegate packet is out.

There are several ways to get the delegate packet.

You can download the most current version of the entire packet as a zip file here:      

Motions only are avilable here:

And everything that is not a motion is available here:

All CSC items are also available as individual files here along with the three versions of the zip files  (or in a few cases will be soon):

If you need any technical assistance with Zip Files, please contact Geff R, the CoDa Email List Coordinator, at

We encourage all CoDA members to read as much as possible and let your delegates know of your group conscience on how your meeting would like them to vote.


                                       Thank You,
                      Your CSC Preparation Workgroup


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