Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting #6 June 27, 2020

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Subject: Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting #6 June 27, 2020
Date: July 13th 2020


CoDA Board of Trustees
Virtual Face to Face Meeting #6

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Attending: Linda A/SoCal, Don B/SoCal, Salle H/NorCal, Nancy O/Canada, Matt T/Texas, Yaniv S/Israel, Gail S/Nevada


Consent Agenda

Minutes June 20, 2020 Virtual F2F Board Meeting – Unanimously accepted via email.

Motion to accept this Agenda was made by the Vice Chair and seconded by Nancy. All agreed



Clarification of expenditures on the website – In mid-February of 2020, the new CoDA website was launched. Problems with the search function of the meeting database were soon reported. The Board is working with the website developers to improve the search function, a process that involves expenditures beyond those originally planned. Members will note that the Board Minutes reveal successive payments to improve the scope and usefulness of the search features.


CoDA Service Conference

The Events Committee asked the Board to select the length of the day of the stripped-down virtual CoDA Service Conference as well as the daily start time – Nancy will advise Events that the Board voted and prefers to have CoDA’s first ever virtual CoDA Service Conference happen over three days of 5.5 hours each and to begin at 8am Pacific Time.  As the final decision remains with the Events Committee, Nancy will ask Events to advise the Fellowship of its decision.

Board Correction regarding the final day of the CoDA Service Conference:  No New, Old or Tabled items – Nancy will ask Events to send out an Announcement to explain the timing of the Service Conference once they have made the final decision regarding conference timing and to reiterate that, no new, old or tabled business can be introduced on the final day of the Conference. Nancy will remind both the Service Structure Committee and the CSC Prep Workgroup of this stricture.

Committees not meeting requirements of Motion 19019 – Liaisons will advise those committees not producing Minutes and/or a Policy and Procedures Manual that they are out of compliance with this Motion.

VEI assignments

SoCal VEI – Nancy will notify SoCal that the Board has decided to not pursue this Issue.

Arizona VEI 1 – The Service Structure Committee requested to introduce this item as a Motion, as New Business on the last day of the Service Conference. Nancy will inform Arizona and the SSC that the Board finds that this year, due to the unprecedented circumstances we face in an abbreviated Virtual CSC, it is against precedent to introduce new business on the last day of the CoDA Service Conference.

Arizona VEI 2 – Principles of the Twelve Concepts, and
Arizona VEI 3 – Principles of the Twelve Traditions
Nancy will inform Arizona that after Literature declined to consider these Issues, the Board then took these Issues up and has decided not to pursue them.


Board Annual Report Preparation due July 25 – Salle will create a draft and circulate it. The Secretary will ask the Email List Coordinator, the Fellowship Service Worker and the Webmaster to submit Annual Reports.


Next public Board meeting - July 11 Next Virtual Face to Face - July 18


CoDA Service Conference: August 24th – 27th, preceded by a Delegate Orientation on Sunday, August 23rd


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