Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting #4, June 13, 2020

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Subject: Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting #4, June 13, 2020
Date: June 20th 2020


CoDA Board Virtual Face to Face #4

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Attending: Nancy O/Canada, Don B/SoCal, Linda A/SoCal, Salle H/NorCal, Gail S/Nevada, Matt T/Texas, Yaniv S/Israel


Move to approve Minutes June 6, 2020 Public Board Meeting – Seconded and unanimously accepted.


Consent Agenda:

Motion 1: Move that the CoDA Board approve up to $3,500 to have the website developers improve the overall functionality of the Meeting Search elements of the website, that will include the online and phone meeting search features, as well as, provide the ability for the Fellowship to print the results of their Meeting Searches. Seconded, vote was a unanimous yes.

Motion 2: Move to add an addendum to the June 6, 2020 minutes to update the names of the authorized representatives of the Co-Dependents Anonymous Chase Bank checking and savings accounts. Seconded, vote was a unanimous yes.


CSC Related Work

Board Motions for CSC 2020

Nancy provided feedback from the Chairs Forum meeting of June 11, 2020, concerning the Board’s motions. One motion does need a clarification, that Nancy will work on providing.


Events/pre-CSC Work Group Updates

The Vice-Chair reported that the pre-CSC work group meets often. Nancy reported that Events has scheduled a Zoom pre-CSC training meeting for world service members for July 2, 2020 at 7 pm Eastern. Events will arrange another pre-CSC training meeting for the Delegates,  


VEI assignments

Arizona Submissions were assigned as follows:

#1 (Update to the Preamble), #2 (Principles of the Twelve Concepts) and #3 (Principles of the Twelve Traditions) were assigned to the CoDA Literature Committee.

 #4 (Wording of Tradition Eleven) was assigned to the Service Structure Committee.

Texas submitted one Issue, Recovery Pattern changes, that was assigned to the CoDA Literature Committee.

Canada’s sole Issue is the booklet, CoDA’s Twelve Service Concepts “The Service Concepts, Alive & Strong! As a publication arising from a Voting Entity, it is eligible for submission as a motion. If accepted, the booklet will be posted on the website for comments from the Fellowship. The comments period lasts for one year, until the following CSC, where it will be considered as revised.

SoCal submitted two Issues, that were previously assigned: #1 (30 Seconds) to Events and

# 2 (Motions Summary) to the Board.


When Committees do not meet the criteria for world standing committees

World standing committees must have a minimum of 3 members, publish the minutes of their business meetings, and post a Policies and Procedure Manual. Several committees have less than three members, have no minutes posted and lack a Policies and Procedures Manual. Those committees are in danger of being changed to the status of a work group. Don will create a letter to that effect that will be sent to them.


Old Business

A meeting to present the Board’s Phase II website priorities has been set for June 16, 2020. Nancy will create a 2-page document that outlines the Board’s concerns to the website developers.

Upcoming Board Meeting – July 11, 2020; Workgroups (1 hour) – June 20, 2020


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