Correction: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 6/6/20

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Subject: Correction: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 6/6/20
Date: June 15th 2020


Linda A., the Board Secretary, apologizes for breaking some members’ anonymity in the Minutes of its meeting of June 6, 2020. This was unintentional. The Board hereby issues a version of those minutes that adheres to members' anonymity.

CoDA Board Public Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2020


The Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Saturday, June 6th by teleconference.  Members in attendance included: Linda A./SoCal, Gail S./Nevada, Yaniv S./Israel, Salle H./NorCal, Nancy O./Canada, Matt T./Texas
Guests: Vince G., Hamid M./Iran and World Connections, Darlene H./SoCal and Issues Mediation, Tina/Georgia, Thomas N./NorCal, Rob/Finance, Ka Ga/Communications; Staff: Anna

Consent Agenda

April 25, 2020 Virtual F2F Board Minutes approved.

May 30, 2020 Virtual F2F Board Minutes approved.

Motion 1 – To approve up to 3 hours’ worth of work from the website developer to assist the webmaster with changes to the website when necessary and as approved by the Web Liaison or Chair of the Board.  The cost for these services will be based on 15-minute increments at $70/hour for up to $210.

Motion 2 – To include cyber insurance in our annual insurance policy.

Motion 3 – To accept the dates of Sunday July 25, 2021 through Sunday August 1, 2021 for the International CoDA Convention and the CoDA Service Conference, to be held in Ottawa.

Correction to the January 2019 Minutes: the following Motion from December 2018 should have been included in the Consent Agenda.  Motion 1 - Move that the onsite web donation button be routed to PayPal (we take up our existing contract with PayPal again) instead of the current firm managing online donations, until the new website is in place.

Note – this was not possible due to limitations with the Mura website and CoDA, Inc. is currently working to establish this on the new website platform.


Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking:                     $ 184,126.12

JP Morgan Chase Savings:                       $ 120,326.70

National Bank of Arizona:                          $ 100,641.01

Total Assets:                                            $ 405,093.83

Salle made a motion to accept the Consent Agenda. Matt seconded. Approved.


Old Business: 

Chase Bank Account Changes

Motion to remove Jennifer L, the previous Board Chair, as an authorized representative and signor to the Co-Dependents Anonymous account at Chase Bank. Salle seconded. Approved.

Addendum to the June 6, 2020 minutes, made on June 11, 2020:


Motion to have Conni, Account Executive, as an authorized representative on the Co-Dependents Anonymous checking and savings account at Chase Bank, as stated in minutes from 10/11/2018. Seconded. Approved.

Motion from 10/11/2018: Bank Access - All agreed that Conni, President and Owner of SOS-Association Management Solutions, is a signer on the CoDA bank account, and further, will be given authorized administrative access to add and remove members on this bank account. Motion approved by acclamation. Approved unanimously.

Motion to remove Madeline R, Past Board Member, and Adeline M, Past Board Member, as signers and complete removal from any portion of the bank account on the Co-Dependents Anonymous checking and savings account at Chase Bank. Seconded. Approved

Website Update – PayPal, Slider, Meeting Search

The Board has been working to transition the website to the PayPal donate button. There has been a delay in setting up the international currency donation platforms. The consultant is working with PayPal to get this corrected before publishing the PayPal donate button.

Staff inquired about making payments internationally through PayPal. The Board is further looking into the cost implications of that before moving forward.

Nancy is working with the website developers to make the slider image smaller, correct the timer, and work out how to change photos to highlight event announcements. There was unanimous support of asking the developer to make these changes. Once the corrections are made, the new slider will be posted on the website.

Salle moved to ask the developers for these items. Yaniv seconded. Approved.

Where to locate links to the Fellowship Forums, Voices in a Recovery and Voices in Service audio files on the website.

These items are currently available through links on the Announcement page, but each group needs its own page. Salle suggested that the webmaster create a dropdown menu, under Member Resources, for these groups of audio files. The Board would like the webmaster’s input before moving forward. Matt will reach out to Carlos.

Where to locate pre-2020 Committee Minutes

It is suggested that pre-2020 Committee Minutes be stored on, where they will be accessible to the fellowship. The Secretary will work with the Email List Coordinator to get the page set up and the pre-2020 Committee Minutes transferred.

Email List Platform

The search for a new platform for English email announcements continues. Spanish emails use Constant Contact. Staff will research what the options are, including costs for two separate platforms or whether the English version can be added to the current Constant Contact subscription.


New Business:

2nd Quarterly Service Report and Annual Report

The Board decided to combine the 2nd Quarter QSR with the Annual Report and to merge them. The combined report will be due on July 25th. The Secretary will draft an email to advise the Fellowship and Committees of this decision.

Transcribing Fellowship Forums

Due to potential legal ramifications and the labor and time required to produce them, providing transcripts of the Fellowship Forums is not feasible. If the speaker has handout notes, the Board could explore including those in the future.

Date of next Virtual Face to Face meeting

The date of the next virtual F2F meeting will be decided by email. 


Next meeting – Board meeting – July 11, 2020; Virtual F2F – June 13 or June 20th

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