Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting, May 30, 2020

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Subject: Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting, May 30, 2020
Date: June 8th 2020


CoDA Board Virtual Face to Face Meeting

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Attending Board members were Salle H/NorCal, Linda A/SoCal, Don B/SoCal, Nancy O/Canada, Matt T/Texas. Gail S/Nevada and Yaniv S/Israel.


Consent Agenda:

Motion to add Gail S, Alternate Board Member, as a signer to the Co-Dependents Anonymous account at Chase Bank. Vote to accept was unanimous.



Motion to accept the revised Minutes of the Virtual Face to Face Board Meeting of May 16, 2020. Vote to accept was unanimous.

Motion to update Section 2.9 of the Board’s Policy and Procedures Manual, concerning CSC Preparation and Responsibilities – matter will be pursued via email.

Finance Letter – Letter drafted by Salle sent to Finance. Nancy will find out how much time staff would need to create those reports.


Notify Board Secretary of Delegate List at each CSC. The Board has this update of its own Policy and Procedures Manual on hold, as it seeks to coordinate with the Issues Mediation Committee on this matter after they redo their Policy and Procedures Manual.


Motions for CSC 2020

[Point of Information: Motion to change number of days for webmaster and email list coordinator to post Bylaws Motions, Motions, VEI items from 75 Days to 70 days was approved May 16, 2020.]

Motion to correct repetition of phrase Board of Trustees (Board of Trustees) in the Bylaws by replacing the phrase in parentheses with (AKA CoDA Board). All agreed. Nancy will edit and recirculate the motion.

Motion to create process for considering proposed changes to the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Service Concepts. The text of those documents will be added to the motion. Nancy will write up the motion to outline how the Board is to protect these three Foundational Documents.

Motion to modify point 9 in list of Board Qualifications, concerning attendance at a previous CSC. Salle will send this item out for the Board to reconsider.


VEI assignment deferred to online email discussion, pending Arizona placing numbers on its VEIs and resubmitting them on the new, combined VEI/Motion form.


Search/Print options: Consultant joined the work group meeting at 9:35 am, to discuss ways to adapt existing Search options in the meeting database, for an estimated $3,500. A legal opinion will be sought concerning what the website developers agreed to provide in the initial contract and what the Board has signed off on. The Board will then pursue the matter with the website developers, as this is work that needs to be completed as soon as possible.


Upcoming Board Meetings – June 6 and July 11, 2020


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