Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting, May 16, 2020

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Subject: Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting, May 16, 2020
Date: June 1st 2020


CoDA Board Virtual Face to Face Meeting

Saturday, May 16, 2020

8am -2 pm PDT

Minutes May 2, 2020 Board Meeting

Motion to accept revised minutes was seconded and accepted unanimously.


Finance Requests

Change budget reports to include all costs; ask staff to create a new report analyzing cost center as percentage of sales for past 5 years. Creation of such a detailed report will involve a great amount of staff time and, therefore, cost money. The Board will ascertain what the cost of producing such a report would be. All such requests need to be redirected to the Board, as the guardian of the CoDA budget.

  • Salle H/NorCal will write to Finance, copying staff, to emphasize that, due to financial considerations, proposals involving staff time must come first to the consideration of the Board.

Provide Gail S/Nevada with the requisite access to conduct reimbursements to CoDA contractors, so that they are paid in a timely fashion

  • Find out how to have a backup Treasurer: remove Jen from card (Nancy has no Chase close by so she as Chair was not a possible cardholder), Nancy will ask staff to have the bank remove the previous Chair and add Gail as a user of the card.


CSC Related Work

Virtual CSC, August 24-27, 2020

Board to ask Events to create a CoDA Announcement about how to (a) either obtain a refund for payments previously made to attend the now postponed July CSC/ICC or (b) arrange to have those payments held over to 2021, as each member wishes.

Translation is costly. It is imperative to find volunteers to translate at the CoDA Service Conference so that Delegates may follow the items being discussed. Salle H will confer with a professional as to the choices a team of volunteer translators would face.

In the meantime, Events is forging ahead, practicing the use of instantaneous polling and other options provided by the platform they will use for the virtual CSC.


Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Manual Changes

Updating the yearly CSC and ICC web pages is an ongoing project. This process is laid out in the Board’s Policy & Procedures Manual. Describing the timely relocation of the Delegate Package, after completion of the CSC, was complicated by the shift to CoDA’s new website.


Motions for CSC 2020

Correct a typo in Bylaw Motion Number 12055. Replacement of a repeated term from a 2012 rewrite of a 2006 Bylaw motion. The mistakenly repeated term is “Board of Trustees [Board of Trustees]” Nancy will draft a motion and circulate it.

Board Member Qualifications as set out in the Board Policy and Procedures Manual Salle will prepare motion for discussion concerning the description of characteristics looked for in an applicant to the Board of Trustees.


Bylaw Change - Notify Secretary of Delegate List. The Board will revise the Intent section of a motion that it did not submit in 2019, that seeks to return to the Board Secretary viewing access of the IMC spreadsheet listing Delegate attendees. Matter deferred to email for further clarification and consideration.


Bylaws Motions, Motions, VEI – Change deadline for Email List Coordinator and Webmaster from 75 Days to 70 days

    • Submit, in 2020, this motion submitted too late for 2019?
    • Pt 4, Sect, 2 of FSM – change 75 to 70 days to give time to Geff & Carlos
    • All agreed to submit this motion in 2020 as Motion #2


Motion on Changing Foundational Documents Agree to present a motion requiring 2/3 (66%) vote for placement of such issues on the next year’s CSC agenda, at which time a 75% agreement would be needed to pass to show buy in from Fellowship on foundational documents that are to be read at every meeting, around the world. Unanimous agreement. Nancy will forward the email that proposed this motion to Salle, who will then draft the motion.


Old Business


Web Liaison Update – There is a website liaison committee. Nancy and Matt are on that alias.

PayPal Update – CoDA needs a donation system that will facilitate online and international donations. The web consultant and staff have encountered difficulties entering the existing account to set it up. They will continue to address the situation.

Update on Phase II Website priorities – Requests to improve two database functions were completed for free. Other requests for more robust Search/Print options and integrated solutions have not been as fruitful. The Board will ask the web consultant whether he can redo the database and relink them, in a way that facilitates smooth transitions between the searchable meeting list and the CoDA website

Slider proposal from the website developers – To improve the visibility of the Announcements portion of the Home page, the Board requested a sliding set of searchable images, that would switch automatically every few seconds, at a cost of up to $440. There was unanimous agreement on one version of the slider.

Update on the H&I Page – Nancy will speak the liaisons to H&I, to get this accomplished with the webmaster.


Virtual face to face workgroup meeting #4 - Saturday, May 30, 2 hours

Upcoming public Board meetings – June 6 and July 11, 2020 at 8am PT, 10am CT, 12pm AT, 6pm Israel time


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