CoDA Literature Committee Seeks Your Recovery Story

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Subject: CoDA Literature Committee Seeks Your Recovery Story
Date: May 31st 2020

 To all members of the CoDA Fellowship,  

The CoDA Literature Committee is asking for your contributions to a new piece of literature called Growing Up in CoDA: Becoming Emotionally Mature. The focus of this piece is on understanding how we are moving past our childhood problems by using the tools of the CoDA program. Most codependents know the feeling of being surprised by our own feelings and resulting behaviors. Many of us have, at times, felt like a child impersonating an adult, of feeling “little” in a grown up body, of over-reacting to  small affronts, or shutting down in the face of confrontation. In CoDA, as we recover, we gradually learn to reparent these wounded “young parts” of ourselves, and grow ourselves up with the help of our Fellowship. In what ways have you emotionally “grown up” as your work the program of Codependents Anonymous? Please share your story with other codependents. Most stories of this type are one to three pages long. Send your stories to before February 28, 2021.     


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