Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting, April 25, 2020

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Subject: Virtual CoDA Board Face to Face Meeting, April 25, 2020
Date: May 8th 2020


CoDA Board Virtual Face to Face Meeting

Saturday, April 25, 2020

8am -2 pm PDT

Attending were Gail S/Nevada. Linda A/SoCal, Don B/SoCal, Matt T/Texas, Yaniv S/Israel, Salle H/NorCal, Nancy O/Canada. Visitors were Florence H/Maryland, the Events Chair; CJ the website consultant, Joan O/Arizona, Fellowship Services Worker and Carlos H/Colombia, webmaster.


CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention

The Board considered whether to hold both these events virtually, postpone them to later in 2020 or 2021. Also considered was whether to recommend that Canada be the host in 2021, if they are willing.

Since 2 Trustees will be rolling off the Board this year, replacements will be needed, making holding a stripped down, one-day, version of the CSC virtually, in September or December seem advisable. The Board asked which of its recent requests for website changes are interpreted by the developers as coming under warranty? What items are considered new requests, that require quotes to approve getting the work done?

Plan for a virtual CSC:  Board strongly suggests that Events confer with staff about virtual CSC to choose dates and trainings for a virtual CSC. Perhaps the IMC can help Events with the complexities of Zoom, if needed.

The Board crafted a letter announcing the postponement of the 2020 ICC/CSC, considering the Covid19 pandemic. The letter will be sent out as a CoDA Announcement and posted on the Website.

A note advising that the ICC/CSC has been “POSTPONED – watch this space for Updates” will be added to the website.  Dates presently shown for the CSC will be removed pending updates on the CSC Info and Delegate Pages.

Old Business

Website Priorities – The Fellowship Services Worker in charge of the meeting database, the website consultant and the CoDA webmaster attended this portion of the meeting.

Insertion of a Slider feature to highlight new developments on the home page was discussed. This is a feature that we want the webmaster to be able to update. The Board Chair moved to:
Authorize the web developer to work on the Slider AFTER the meeting database work gets done, as well as provide a mockup demonstration of the slider, for a cost of up to $440.


Matt seconded. Vote: unanimous YES

The Board Chair asked whether it is possible to bring the search feature to the top of the page. The previous database format allowed a search of all meeting types: USA, international, phone and online. Consultant suggested that the Board refer to what was asked on the original list of requests given to the developers.

The Board asked which of its recent requests for website changes are interpreted by the developers as coming under warranty? What items are considered new requests, that require quotes to approve getting the work done?

The Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees stated that the developer seems more concerned with aesthetics than functionality. Some requests to improve data entry and the search function have been dismissed as impossible while others are presented in terms of the user’s learning curve,

The spreadsheet that the consultant gave to the developers included the last 22 items that the Fellowship Service Worker identified to improve the meeting database, posted in order of priority. Many of the items on the list are now marked as in progress, but all these items are in process. The developer will “try to get to this sheet this week,” bearing in mind that the slider is also a high priority request. We can keep adding to this spreadsheet.

Website Host overage – Minimal Cost $1-2/month. Discussion postponed, to see what the rate of usage will be over the coming months.

The webmaster was asked to send the Board a report of the Google Analytics figures on the website’s monthly usage as soon as possible, from January – March and thereafter from April onwards.

Donate button: PayPal, online and international donations
Matt pointed out that the first goal is to carry out the long-delayed switch to PayPal. Nancy noted that the switch to PayPal is complicated by the number of choices provided to members on the Donations page. The consultant offered to investigate the amount of detail possible with a PayPal setup and whether a business account would be best. Nancy will ask again about CoRe-style modification of the donate button

Secondly, the Board Vice Chair will create a message suggesting that meetings may modify alternative meeting scripts during the pandemic to reference the possibility of online Seventh Tradition contributions. That information could be posted in the Announcements section of the website.

Voting Entity Issue (VEI) assignment

SoCal (30 seconds) – assigned to the Events Committee; Nancy will inform SoCal and the VEL.

SoCal (Motion summary) – assigned to the Board; Nancy will inform SoCal and the VEL.

ERP 2021 Budget Preparation - Salle will write to Finance to inform them that the Board needs another week to assess their latest response to input.

Committees not meeting criteria for standing committee

World Connections Committee – A letter requesting a 2x2 was sent a month ago to the chair. No reply has been received, other than a request for inclusion of the Issues Mediation Committee in the requested 2x2. A further request, this time for a 2x2x2 meeting that includes the IMC, will be sent.

Communications Committee – Liaison will request 2x2 meeting concerning admission of new members and the need to announce a search for new members.

Applicant for the Board of Trustees –Salle will write to the applicant to ask for more detail on the application.

The preceding message was from The CoDA Board Of Trustees,


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