CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 4/4/20

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 4/4/20
Date: April 27th 2020


CoDA Board Minutes
April 4, 2020

The Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Saturday, April 4th by teleconference.  Members in attendance included: Linda A., Don B., Gail S., Yaniv S., Salle H., Nancy O.; Absent: Matt T.
Guests: Lou/IL/Finance, Rami/Israel, Eleni/Brussels, Pacia/CA, Hamid/Iran, Michael/AZ/WCC, Corinne/KS, Yvonne/CA/CoRe, Kelly/AZ; Staff: Anna

Consent Agenda 

March 7, 2020 Public Board Minutes approved.  Note the following correction to the Literature Workgroup item - “CoRe requested that the CoDA Board create a special workgroup to identify existing CoDA Literature in other countries.”

March 2020 motions approved

Motion 1 – Move that the Board spend $350 to purchase a monitor, speakers and a web editing program to use with a Windows 10 computer, to ensure ongoing security updates to the computer system used in creating CoDA Announcements and other, ongoing CoDA web activities.

Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 185,738.19

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,311.42

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,613.21

Total Assets: $ 406,662.82

Salle made a motion to accept the Consent Agenda. Don seconded. Approved.


Old Business                                                                                                                                                                               

Website Update

There have been quite a few issues with the meeting search features on the website. The Board met with the Fellowship Service Worker (FSW) and the website developers to discuss those issues.  The FSW will be meeting with the developers next week to go through the issues line by line. The developers will then advise which items are covered under warranty and will create a quote for those tasks not under warranty. The Board has many website projects that we need to prioritize.  Once we identify priorities, we ask the developers for a quote to do the work.

CoDA App

There have been continuous issues with the CoDA App that cannot be corrected at this time. Our website consultant advised that we remove the CoDA App from the Apple Store

Nancy made a motion to have the CoDA app removed from the Apple Store. Salle seconded. Approved.

CSC Planning

Backup planning during Covid-19 – The pre CoDA Service Conference (CSC) Workgroup and the Board are looking at  options for the 2020 CSC, include proceeding with the plan for CSC 2020  in Ottawa,  postponement of the conference to later in 2020 or 2021, and holding a virtual conference.  We are considering different virtual conference platforms.

Interpretation costs – Events provided the Board with a $20,000 estimate for interpretation, to provide French and Spanish interpretation at the CSC. The Board found that CoDA, Inc. cannot afford to fund interpretation services at the next CoDA Service Conference (CSC), given the closure of face to face meetings and the paucity of Seventh Tradition donations from phone and online meetings.  Instead, the Board asks that the Events Committee seek technological solutions for CoDA’s translation needs. The Events Liaison will draft a response to the Events Committee for Board review to advise them of the decision.

Events Insurance – Staff has discussed options for CoDA’s upcoming events with the insurance provider. It was suggested that we not get insurance until we know more about what our liabilities will be for CSC. The conversation regarding the cruise will be put on hold, to be revisited later. The Board will seek a legal opinion on CoDA’s liabilities for a cruise.

Teams as avenue to Zoom

A Chair suggested using MS Teams as a cheaper way for committees to meet on Zoom. The Board will instead encourage committees to partner together to share Zoom accounts.


New Business                                                                                                                                                                             

Updated Expense Reimbursement Policy

Board concerns regarding the updated policy include the change — from CoDA, Inc.’s paying half of a Delegate’s expenses, including airfare, to the Voting Entity’s being responsible for the entirety of a Delegate’s expenses. That will discourage service at the world level.  The Board asks that the policy allow for 50% sharing of the expenses of those Delegates who are also Committee members as well as regular committee members who stay for the Conference following a face to face meeting.  In addition, reimbursement for international CoDA trusted servants is not on par with the reimbursement of American members, due to extra fees levied whenever money is transferred to their bank accounts and again whenever money is exchanged from one currency to another.  Nancy will prepare a draft response to Finance for Board review before sending the response.

Letter to Fellowship re 2020 CSC

The Pre CSC workgroup were preparing to send an email to the Fellowship regarding COVID-19. Don sent an email to the Board asking for a vote on how to proceed with the email. As many had not yet seen it, Don was asked to resend the letter for prompt review.


1st Quarter QSR

The 1st Quarterly Service Report is due April 15, 2020.  Salle and Linda will prepare a draft and send it to the Board for additions and review.


Next online public Board meeting – May 2, 2020; Virtual Workgroup – April 25, 2020


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