CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 3/7/20

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 3/7/20
Date: March 26th 2020


CoDA Board Minutes
March 7, 2020

The Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Saturday, March 7th by teleconference.  Members in attendance included: Linda A., Don B., Gail S., Yaniv S., Matt T., Salle H., Nancy O.; Absent: Yaniv S.
Guests: Debra/H&I, Dave S./PA, Hamid/Iran, Ana M.; Staff: Anna

Consent Agenda

January 17-19, 2020 Las Vegas F2F Board Minutes approved.

February 8, 2020 Public Board Minutes approved.

February 2020 motions approved:

Motion 1 - Move that the new CoDA WordPress website Go Live Feb. 14, 2020. Note:  This was amended to Feb. 18, 2020 after discussions with the website developer.

Motion 2 - Move that a reply be sent to CoDA Colombia concerning its 2019 VEI Motion 1, indicating that their request conflicts with the agreements we have with other countries and Voting Entities and that the Board does not grant exclusive rights to any country to print, publish and distribute literature outside of their own countries, including the US.

Motion 3 – Move to spend $1380.88, to (a) purchase the Word Press application, Multilingual Content Management System, that makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them, at a cost of $79 and a yearly renewal cost of $59, (b) cover the attendant yearly cost of $306.88 for a security patch plugin to prevent hacking of WPML, (c) pay the web developers $770 for an estimated 11 hour of work associated with the generation of the structure of the Spanish side of the website, and thereafter (d) three hours of training for two Fellowship Service Workers, at up to $75/hour.

Note:  This Motion was initially considered at the Jan. 17-19 F2F as “Move to purchase the Word Press application, Multilingual Content Management System, that makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them, at a cost of $79 with  yearly renewal of $59”, but was amended as above after receiving additional information requiring Intersection involvement.


Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 179,648.67

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,311.42

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,791.08

Total Assets: $ 400,562.17

Salle made a motion to accept the Consent Agenda. Matt seconded. Approved.


Old Business

Website Update

Matt took over as the web liaison. The committee has a list of tasks to complete. The next big project is translation of the website.

Concerning the website developers’ training of the webmaster and Joan, the Board has received an invoice that includes three hours of training. The Board is unaware that any training has occurred and will follow up to resolve this.

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board plans to meet online for a full day in April, instead of meeting face to face. Choosing between the 18th and 25th of April was deferred, pending further discussion online.

There will not be a Board meeting on July 4th as Board members will be meeting for eight straight days that month, before and during the CSC.

CoRe Request for Workgroup to Generate New Literature

CoRe requested the creation of a special workgroup to generate new literature. Discussion was moved to email.

Updating FSM to be More Global, Using Plain Language

The Board received an email characterizing the current Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) as very U.S.-centric and needing to be updated with plain, universal language. As such an undertaking comes under the purview of the Service Structure Committee (SSC), the Board will advise the requestor to communicate directly with SSC and to clarify and define in their request what they mean by plain universal language.

New Business

SSC and CoRe Board Request to Send Survey

The Board received two requests to send surveys to the fellowship using CoDA’s email lists, one from SSC and one from the CoRe Board.  Because no mention is made that members will receive surveys when they sign-up for CoDA Announcements, the Board did not support sending surveys to email list members. Board liaisons will advise the SSC and the CoRe Board of its decision.

CoDA Service Conference Plan for the Corona virus

The Board agrees that it is wise to consider other options for the CSC given the current Covid-19 situation. The Pre CSC Workgroup is considering using Zoom to offer a virtual CSC. The Board authorized Staff to contact Zoom and to assess what the capabilities are and to provide that information to the Pre CSC Workgroup.

CoRe Request to Update Pamphlets Available for Free Download

The CoRe Board advises that many of the free downloadable pamphlets on our website are not the most recent versions. CoRe will provide the Board with updated versions in the near future but would like a process put in place to ensure that these are updated whenever new versions become available. The Board believes that the current CoDA/CoRe contract provides the needed solution to resolve the current gap. Currently, the Literature Committee and CoRe communicate back and forth until the final proof is forwarded to the publisher for printing.  When it is returned, if CoRe follows the contract requirements and forwards the master file copy to Staff within the required 72 hour timeframe, Staff would be able to place it in our repository, and then forward a copy of the downloadable items to the webmaster for uploading to the website. Nancy will put together a draft email to respond to CoRe for the Board to review.

Additional Items for Discussion


The Board is interested in finding out how many times the PSA has been downloaded from the website. They will work with the webmaster to gather this data.

Discussion around Plugins

The Board will continue this discussion offline.

Next meeting - Board meeting – April 4; Workgroup – March 21


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