CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call November 2nd, 2019

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call November 2nd, 2019
Date: November 20th 2019


November 2, 2019

The Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Saturday, November 2nd by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Nancy O, Linda A, Salle H, Matt T, Rita B, Gail S., Yaniv S.; Guests: Rick/IMC; Staff: Anna; Absent: Don B

Consent Agenda

A.   October 12, 2019 Public Board Minutes approved.

B.   October 2019 motions approved


1.    Motion 1 – Move that the 2019 CSC Motions Summary be accepted and announced via CoDA Announcements as well as uploaded as a link to the 2019 CSC Delegate Package page

2.   Motion 2 - That the legal liaison advise TMC in writing that the US and Iran do not have a copyright treaty and that there is no legal strategy recommended or fruitful role for our lawyers in this matter. Also, to advise TMC and IMC that the Board recommends that IMC work together with TMC towards a solution.

3.   Motion 3 - That the CoDA Board of Trustees accept Yaniv S of Israel as an Alternate Board of Trustees member for a one year period or until the next 2020 CSC. Intent: To expand international representation at the CoDA Board level.

4.   Motion 4 - That the Board communicate directly to the fellowship that the Board will not be implementing Motion Number 19054, Florida VEI Motion to change Tradition 11, that passed by a Simple Majority at the 2019 CSC. Intent: It is the responsibility of the Board to protect CoDA’s Foundational documents, as laid out in the Guidelines of the By Laws - “On behalf of the Fellowship, the Trustees shall act to prevent, within their power, any modifications, alterations or extensions of these Traditions or Concepts.

  c.   Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking:     $ 149,245.66
JP Morgan Chase Savings:     $ 120,261.83
National Bank of Arizona:     $ 100,566.85
Total Assets:     $ 370,074.34

c.   Committee/Liaison Reports

Linda made a motion to accept the consent agenda. Matt seconded. Approved.

Old Business

1. Website Update

The developers are finalizing the changes the Board requested. There will be a Board review of the website with the consultant. There was discussion regarding adding a translation button to the website. The Board has requested information on the cost of such a feature (monthly/annually) and the language options it would provide. The website rollout was discussed.

2.  CSC Archive Process & Updating Website

The recommended archiving process for the recently-concluded CoDA Service Conference Delegate Package was presented. The 2019 CSC materials have been archived on the current website. Further discussion is needed to finalize the process before putting it into the Board’s Policy & Procedures manual.

3.  Status of New Board Member

We welcome Yaniv S., the new Board member from Israel. He has signed all the documents required annually of all Board members.

New Business

1.  Update on Zoom Accounts

Many Committees are meeting via Zoom, doubling the budgeted expenditure. The Board discussed ways to lower this cost to adhere to approved expenditures. The conversation was moved to email.

2.  CoDA Guatemala

The Board has been advised by members of the Fellowship that the President of CoDA Guatemala, who is also a member of multiple committees, is representing himself as a Trustee of CoDA, Inc., which he is not. The Board decided to send him a letter addressing its concern. The letter may provide this member with clarity concerning the roles and responsibilities within CoDA world service.

3.  Fellowship Forum

There are currently two monthly Forums, one in Spanish and one in English. Initially, a presenter in the English Fellowship Forum would raise a topic or question and then the Fellowship would have as much time as they wanted to respond and share. More recently, the English forum shifted to a presentation led by a fellowship member. The Forum has been more successful in Spanish than in English. Another Board member to host the English Forum is sought. The Spanish Forum is in the process of being handed over to Spanish Outreach.

4.  Update on Action List

Nancy has been removing items as they are completed. She has sent the list out to the Board for comments.

5.  Logo Provided by Events for Website

Tabled for discussion until feedback from the website consultant is received.

6.  Meetings Not Using Foundational Documents Email

Tabled for discussion. Nancy will craft an email to continue the conversation electronically.

Next Board Meeting – December 7, 2019

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