CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call October 12th, 2019

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call October 12th, 2019
Date: November 1st 2019


October 12, 2019

The Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Saturday, October 12th by teleconference.

Members in attendance included: Nancy O, Don B, Linda A, Salle H, Matt T, Rita B, Gail S.

Guests: Evie/SSC, Fania/Mexico, Melissa/Missouri; Staff: Anna

Consent Agenda

    1. Sept 6-8, 2019 Public Board Minutes approved.
    2. September 2019 motions approved
      1. Motion 1 – Move that the Board of Trustees collaborate with the Finance Committee to begin a relationship with the ASAP International Travel Agency to be used for committee F2F travel and CSC travel. Purpose: To eliminate the need for Travel Advances and remove the burden of volunteers carrying the brunt of the travel expenses until their travel expenses are reimbursed. This will make travel easier for volunteers for CoDA committees and boards. The process will be simpler with two levels of approval -- via the FMAF with the Finance Committee and the Treasurer remittance for the flights.
      2. Motion 2 - Move that the present antiquated email system available on be updated via purchase of the Constant Contact email delivery system and that Spanish Outreach be allowed to administer this system, going forward. Intent: At a yearly cost of $378, the new system would allow for greater flexibility in messaging.
    3. Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 151,168.83
JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,261.82
National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,586.85

Total Assets: $ 372,017.51

    1. Committee/Liaison Reports

Don made a motion to accept the consent agenda. Salle seconded. Approved.

Old Business

1. Website Update

Linda reported that the website has been in production for a while. The Board submitted changes to the developers based on feedback from Committees. The Board came up with about 11 items that still need to be completed on the website and are hoping these changes will be completed by the end of October. Because Phase Two of the website has been delayed, the Board has requested a cost estimate for a “translate” button. Lastly, the Board has inquired about a mobile app so that people who are traveling can locate a meeting.

2. Travel Agent/Reimbursement Update

The Board has completed the contract with ASAP Tickets for booking flights, which SPO will now utilize for its upcoming face to face meeting. The Board and Committee members will pay for hotel stays duringF2F meetings because that usually involves a 2-night hotel stay. Longer hotel stays, such as during CSC or in the case of extra nights due to inter-country travel, different arrangements will have to be made.

3. CSC Archive Process & Updating Website

The staff put together a process to archive CSC information. The update to these procedures is still in progress and will be completed after further conversation between the Board and staff.

4. Motion 19033 – Board and Ad Hoc Committee

The Board will advise the Ad Hoc Committee that a couple of its members would like to sit in on their meetings prior to CSC 2020.

Nancy made a motion that the Board advise the Ad Hoc Committee that members of the Board would like to attend their meetings. Don seconded. Approved.

5. Motion 19054 – Florida VEI Motion – Simple Majority

A vote by simple majority is not binding on the Board. Bylaws Section 4 defines simple majority, specifying that the Board is responsible for protecting the Foundational Documents. During CSC, the need for feedback from the Fellowship regarding a change to Tradition 11 was mentioned. Because the Twelve Traditions is a Foundational Document, the Board is concerned about any request to change the Traditions. The Board decided to continue this conversation via email.

New Business

      1. Spanish Translation Services

There was discussion regarding an individual who offered to provide translation services to CoDA. CoDA continually gets offers for translation services, and we can always use an extra person. There is a need for clarification about what services are being offered by this individual. Linda A will pursue this matter.

      1. VE Loans for Printing

There was discussion about expanding the current $500 Printing Loan opportunity to assist with printing startup costs for VEs that the Board created last year, to extend the offer beyond VEs. There was concern about expanding beyond VEs, due to potential legal and logistical issues related to the required paperwork and a signed P&D agreement. The Board will leave things as they are for now.

      1. 3rd Quarter QSR Due October 15th

Linda shared the most recent Board QSR update a few days ago and we are currently waiting for the FSW report to be shared and added. Nancy noted a link in the report that needs to be corrected. Once this is corrected and the FSW report is received, the report will be sent in by the Board Secretary.

Nancy made a motion to submit the 3rd Quarter Board QSR as is. Don seconded. Approved.

      1. FSM Document for Review

FSM documents were sent to the Board for review. Nancyo advised that she reviewed the changes made to the FSM as submitted by SSC. She states that the changes accurately reflect the Board Motion changes. The Board agreed to accept the changes made to the FSM as submitted by SSC in relation to the Board’s Motions.

      1. Using Google Calendars for Reminders

The Board discussed calendar reminders for Workgroup and Board meetings. It was decided that it is the responsibility of each Board member to keep track of these dates and attend and that Board members are responsible for setting their own reminders.

      1. Additional Items

Matt advised the Board of a discussion he had with a Delegate from Colombia regarding the pamphlet Sentimientos. The delegate did not understand why the pamphlet was not yet considered CoDA literature. Matt advised that he would investigate and get back to the Delegate. The Board has communicated with Colombia several times in English advising them of what was needed. However, the required documents have yet to be received. Matt will draft a response to CoDA Colombia reminding them of the required information.

Next Board Meeting – November 2, 2019


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