CoDA Board Minutes In Person Meeting Sept 6-8, 2019

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes In Person Meeting Sept 6-8, 2019
Date: September 30th 2019



Atlanta, GA (September 6-8, 2019)

The Board of Trustees met from Friday, September 6th to Sunday, September 8th in person. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Salle H, Nancy O, Linda A, Matt T, Rita B.; Staff: Conni, Anna / Absent: Don B

Friday, September 6, 2019

Review CSC Agenda and Board’s Presentations

The Board discussed prioritizing the recovery message in its presentations throughout the CSC.

  1. Sunday – Welcome Reception – 6-8pm Board leads
    1. Presentation – postcards – Jen
    2. “What the Board Does” – carrying the message.
    3. Public Service Announcement roll-out – need to arrange for a screen and computer for the reception
    4. Table Discussion Topics – fruits of recovery
    5. 13th Stepping - Jen
    6. Skit – whole Board
  1. Monday – Board’s 25 minute PowerPoint presentation
    1. Introduction of Board members
    2. Overview of Board’s responsibilities – point to Bylaws and Service Concepts 7, 10, 11
    3. Board Achievements – go over what has been accomplished this year, which is a LOT!
    4. History – spent time this year going through CoDA’s historical documents and summarized them to provide a framework of CoDA’s history for attendees.
      • Pass out CoDA Historical Summary and direct attention to the two related CoDA History documents in the Delegate Package.
    5. Strategic Plan – Provide a quick overview of the current Strategic Plan, with an invitation to join us Monday night as the Board seeks input from the Fellowship.


3.    Tuesday – motions 75 minutes: 6 motions presented in following order by specified Board member:
        a.  Board Motion #1 – Nancy will present
        b.  Board Motion #4 – Matt will present
        c.  Board Motion #3 – Salle will present
        d.  Board Motion #2 – Jen will present
        e.  Board Motion #5 – Salle will present
        f.   Build in some time for additional thoughts and responses.
        g.  Board Motion #6 – Rita will present (If we run out of time, withdraw this motion)


Other Items of Business

  1. Strategic Planning Time with Fellowship – in the Hospitality Room from 6-8pm with plenty of food for Delegates so they may use it as dinner. Staff will pick up the food.
  1. Reviewed all the Board motions and discussed pros and cons and priorities.
  1. Went over Sunday night presentation.


Saturday, September 7, 2019

  1. Discuss and plan presentation of Board position on Committee and VE Motions
  1. Address Board Governance Topics - Staff addressed several Board Governance issues.
    1. Bank Account Update
    2. Updating of the motions database
    3. Board Minutes Update
    4. Accountable Plan – Update on need for Accountable Plan.

Jen moves to accept inputting the Accountable Plan into the Policies & Procedures (Section 7). Matt seconds. Unanimously approved.

  1. Plan and Prepare 13th Stepping Presentation - In 13th Stepping, folks attempt to use recovery jargon to manipulate outcomes and to manipulate someone into doing something. Board members discussed how to present this, including mention of the 30 Seconds tool and Crosstalk Guidelines.
  1. Plan Board Meetings with CoRe, CoRe/TMC, and Finance on Sunday
    1. Discussed the agenda for the CoRe and TMC meetings.
    2. Discussed the CoDA Dropbox and the process for TMC and Legal Repository storing.
    3. Discussed Finance motions (changes to the ERP process).

Other Items of Business

  1. Website – The Board has been working really hard on the website.
  1. Board Chair requested Staff to create laminated posters of the Twelve Service Concepts as large posters as a legacy gift to Events for future CoDA Service Conferences.
  1. Board Chair has a banner for the meeting as a gift from her, to conclude her time on the Board.
  1. Finalized the Monday night presentation of the Strategic Plan, Planning for CoDA’s Future, including updating all three PowerPoint presentations.
  1. Potluck with local Atlanta CoDA community and Events. - This went well.


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Post CSC Update Plan

Issue – Need a process to make sure that all post-CSC info, including Delegate Packet, approved motions, video, audio, etc., are included in the final version of the Delegate Packet page.

  1. Process to put in the P&P
  1. After the CSC each year, place an explanatory notice on the home page stating: “The current CSC Delegate Packet and Conference Motions will be available for 4 weeks after the CSC. Thereafter, that information will be available through the Delegate Packet of that year.”
    1. Webmaster to generate link and get it posted.
  2. Board to advise CSC Prep and Events about this process.
  3. Delete all CSC info from Home page at 4 weeks.
  4. By 4 weeks after the CSC – Webmaster will create a link on the home page: “News from the 20XX CSC” that leads to the finalized Delegate Packet for that year.
  5. The Finalized Delegate Packet/Summary page will contain, in addition to everything that was posted prior to the CSC, the following items:
    1. A Summary of the CSC motions and related business items. That Summary will be created and posted on the final Delegate Packet page, in English and/or Spanish. A board member will do this within 3 weeks after CSC.
    2. The Finalized Delegate Packet/Summary will also contain
      1. Final Agenda
      2. Delegate Packet
      3. Motions
      4. Video/audio
      5. PSA
      6. Reports, Handouts, etc.
        • Staff to keep copies of handouts and then scan them. The cumulative file of those handouts will be posted on the Finalized Delegate Packet/Summary page.
        • Under “Additional Documents and Blank Forms” on the summary page, include Power Point reports and handouts from the committees that were presented throughout the CSC.
  6. These items will also appear on the Service Info page:
    1. Motions
    2. Delegate Packet
    3. Handouts, video, etc.
  7. Staff will oversee that this process is completed and then inform the Secretary upon completion of the Finalized Delegate Packet/Summary page.
    1. An Announcement email can then be sent to the Fellowship.


CSC Schedule Walk Through

  1. Sunday – discussed Delegate training and Welcome Reception.
    1. Postcards
    2. Début of Public Service Announcement
    3. Tools to provide recovery-centered table conversation topics (15 minutes)
    4. Practiced Board Skit
  1. Monday – preliminary items until 11:25am. Board presentation will be at 1:55pm.
    1. Discussed handouts.
    2. Board had lunch in Board room to cover further business.
  1. Tuesday – Considered Board’s position on day’s motions
  1. Wednesday – Reviewed upcoming day’s events
    1. Discussed Chairs Forum.
    2. New Board meets for dinner.
  1. Thursday – Reviewed events of that day
    1. Planned new Board meetings
      1. First at 8am
      2. Second at noon, for lunch

Other CSC Discussions

  1. SPO Motion
  1. Suggested Agenda for meeting with CoRe Board

Adjournment – 3-day Face to Face meeting adjourned at noon on Sunday.


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