CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call May 4th, 2019

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call May 4th, 2019
Date: May 30th 2019


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call

May 4, 2019

The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, May 4th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Don B, Salle H, Nancy O, and Linda A, Matt. Guests: Faith/Canada, Ann/WA, Sharon B/Canada; Staff: Conni, Anna

Round Robin Order

  • Linda
  • Nancy
  • Don
  • Salle
  • Matt
  • Jen

Consent Agenda

    1. April 6, 2019 Face to Face Board Minutes approved.
    2. April 2019 motions approved
      1. Motion 1 – Move the CoDA Board approves the Finance Committee email to OUTREACH, AD-HOC and IMC Committees providing an immediate alert because of their pending Face to Face Meetings of necessary reimbursement policy changes required by the Internal Revenue Service for nonprofits. Intent: to provide timely notice of IRS-directed changes to CoDA reimbursement policy to three standing committees whose Face to Face meetings occur immediately so the members are in compliance with IRS tax policy for non-profit organizations.
      2. Motion 2 – Move the Board of Co-Dependents Anonymous assert ownership of audio broadcasts during their live broadcasts and in their archived format at Intent to protect and insure CoDA’s ownership of copyrighted audio material.
    3. Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 150,001.48

          JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,211.61

          National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,558.37


Total Assets: $ 370,771.46

    1. Committee/Liaison Reports – Summary report from Liaisons

Nancy made a motion to accept the consent agenda. Don seconded. Approved.

Update on, Zelle and Credit Card, and non-profit lawyer

Salle reported on several items:

  • The Treasurer’s credit card is in the works.
  • She is talking to a nonprofit lawyer regarding the IRS reimbursement issue.
  • She is transitioning from paper checks sent through the mail to digital Zelle payments using an email address and smartphone. Dozens of payments have already been sent and it is working well.
  • CoDA will start utilizing for payments outside of the United States.

Old Business

1. Website Update Jen reported that the Chairs Forum and Committees are looking at the website, and they will be presenting a single, consolidated report with suggested changes, by May 6th for the Chairs Forum’s meeting on May 9th.

2. Budget Forecasting Update Nancy has been working on budget forecasting with SOS, who will be providing budget vs. actuals reports to assist in forecasting. She will be checking with Lou of Finance to ensure that they are not already tracking this information.. SOS is creating financial visuals for the board so that the board can start recognizing trends in income and expenses.

3. Podcast Opportunity Update Nancy worked with Mary I., a former board member, to develop a podcast about CoDA service in general and, for the first podcast, what it is like to be a board member. She will send an eblast to all service workers to seek assistance in creating more podcasts on service. The completed podcast will be posted on the website and an email blast will be sent out to announce it and ask for volunteers.

New Business

  1. Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy Changes
    Salle and Nancy reported on the current Finance Committee issue. As history, the Finance Committee read the IRS tax codes, and so they realized that CoDA has been reimbursing as if it were a “for-profit business” and not as a “nonprofit charitable” organization.

Finance recognized this as a problem for all volunteers in the reimbursement process, as the nonprofit mileage rate reimbursement is $0.14 cents per mile. In addition, all food and location stays must be supported with receipts. Any overage likely would generate 1099’s for people as taxable income.

Finance has moved very quickly on this, meeting with CoDA’s CPA and notifying the Chairs and Board right away. For further clarification, Salle will be reaching out to a nonprofit tax lawyer. The Board expressed gratitude to the Finance Committee for catching this and dealing with it right away.

  1. June Strategic Planning Session and F2F
    The board will meet in Phoenix, June 8-10 at the Thunderbird Suites in Scottsdale, which is around the corner from SOS. Went over logistics. The primary purpose of the meeting is to update the Strategic Plan, prepare Motions for the CSC 2019, and work on the website. The board began work on the Strategic Plan in March. Nancy and SOS have been working on an updated SWOT analysis and priorities as preparation for the Strategic Planning session.

Don suggested the Board hold public fellowship meetings as needed at the CoDA Service Conference, to widen involvement in the creation of the Plan, to see a more top-down Strategic Plan, rather than one that is board-directed.

Discussed meeting with Katherine from Events while in Phoenix and having another potluck to engage with the local Fellowship.

  1. Group Email Lists
    Nancy is working with Geff to create a mailing list to send to all committee members, as well as to include other parts of CoDA structure in that list. Matt will ask CoRe if they want to be included.


Next meeting – Board meeting – F2F, June 8-10, 2019 in Phoenix


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