CoDA: Your Fellowship Service Workers: Geff

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Subject: CoDA: Your Fellowship Service Workers: Geff
Date: May 7th 2019

The CoDA Board of Trustees would like to introduce you to two of your Fellowship Service Workers, Geff and Joan.

Geff takes care of the growing number of email lists that provide CoDA members with information, ranging from the general (CoDA Announcements) to the specific (Co-NNections, Hospitals and Institutions, the new GSR list and so forth) as well as providing experience in the workgroup that prepares the lead up to the annual CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention.

Joan has been working diligently behind the scenes to register and update CoDA meetings, thank those who send in Seventh Tradition donations, coordinate volunteers who do phone service and so much more.

Following is the Quarterly Service Report from Geff. Joan's Report was sent to you this past Saturday.  This highlights just some of the service work they do for the CoDA fellowship.

The CoDA Board is extremely grateful for everything these two do, everyday, on behalf of CoDA.


Email List Coordinator

Please share the CoDA email lists with your home meetings, so we can continue to grow our subscribers. Along with the online CoDA Fellowship Forum, the email lists are our #1 means of communication with the fellowship. Members can sign up here: and view past all past email announcements at:

Numbers are down this quarter partially due to a very large purge of dead email addresses by one of the largest webmail providers. The Announcements & Weekly Readings lists each lost several hundred subscribers due to this “purge”. The other lists have not sent a mailing since the purge occurred, so they have not been impacted yet. This is the first time we’ve ever had a significant drop in subscribers since the first 3 lists began in January 2010.

To smart phone users: we have been formatting for readability on smart phone for several years, & any email can be received on most smart phones & read similarly to a text message!


Subscription statistics as of 4/8/19 are as follows:

CoDA Announcements: 5,695 (down from 5740 on 1/7/19)

Co-NNections Weekly Reading List: 10,267 (down from 10,307 on 1/7/19)

QSR List: 3,159 (up from 3117 on 1/7/19)

H&I List: 2,708 (up from 2634 on 1/7/19)

Events 1,847 (up from 1396 on 1/7/19)

Meeting Contacts 1,207 (up from 867 on 1/7/19)


To make sure your subscription doesn’t fail:

A. Please check the spelling of your email address carefully. Many subscriptions fail with a message that the email address does not exist.

B. The spam filters on members’ email providers (not CoDA’s). These filters have blocked some subscription attempts. To avoid this, please read the “Email Whitelist Instructions” before subscribing: and then use the suggestions for your email provider, as they will likely solve the issue.

Subscribing via one email provider and then forwarding CoDA emails to your phone or another email address can cause problems. Successful receipt of CoDA emails is more likely if you subscribe using the address where you will actually read them.

From 1/1/19 – 4/7/19, 25 announcements were sent out on the CoDA Announcements list; additional announcements were sent on the Co-NNections’ Weekly Readings list & the Meeting Contact list. We will soon be creating the 2019 CSC delegates & ICC attendee’s lists.

I am maintaining several audio web pages for CoDA: both Fellowship Forums: English: & Spanish: Plus CoDA Service Conference 2017 & CSC 2018

I also continue to facilitate the CoDA Service Conference Prep Work Group, along with the Events Chair, the Voting Entity Liaison, and the Work Group’s Board Liaison. I feel it was very successful last year in team building, centralizing CSC, ICC & Voting Delegate Communication, & both minimizing & putting out “fires”. Goals for 2019 include getting a somewhat set timeline, so it will not need to be researched & recreated each year, continuing to upgrade the internet streaming experience, and creating a web storage system so we won’t have to rebuild the CSC/ICC web section each year.

A reminder to all CoDA committees: the Email Lists are here for YOU! If you would like information or an announcement sent out to the CoDA Fellowship, please email it, in plain text or Word formatting (we can now embed small graphics in the email announcements), to .

In Service,

Geff R

CoDA Email List Coordinator


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If you wish more information by phone, please call (888) 444-2359 {Toll free} or (602) 277-7991.

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