CoDA: Your Fellowship Service Workers: Joan

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Subject: CoDA: Your Fellowship Service Workers: Joan
Date: May 4th 2019

The CoDA Board of Trustees would like to introduce you to two of your Fellowship Service Workers, Joan and Geff.

Joan has been working diligently behind the scenes to register and update CoDA meetings, thank those who send in Seventh Tradition donations, coordinate volunteers who do phone service and so much more.

Geff takes care of the growing number of email lists that provide CoDA members with information, ranging from the general (CoDA Announcements) to the specific (Co-NNections, Hospitals and Institutions, the new GSR list and so forth) as well as providing experience in the workgroup that prepares the lead up to the annual CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention.

Following is the Quarterly Service Report from Joan, FSW. Geff's Email List Coordinator Report will be sent to you on Tuesday.  This highlights just some of the service work they do for the CoDA fellowship.

The CoDA Board is extremely grateful for everything these two do, everyday, on behalf of CoDA.



I am Joan, a recovering codependent, and one of CoDA’s “special workers” referenced in Tradition Eight. As our office is virtual, I work by myself but I stay in communication with our standing committees when opportunities arise, with my Board liaison, and happily with our Fellowship far and wide.

Among other duties, I retrieve and process the mail sent to our official address: CoDA, Inc. P. O. Box 33577, Phoenix, AZ, 85067-3577. Sometimes, when members send in 7th Tradition funds, I am asked to have a phone conversation about some specific question. I am always happy to be in touch. I also have the honor of sending letters acknowledging the groups and individuals who take the time to keep the 7th Tradition funds circulating in support of our Fellowship.

In hopes of making things efficient when you are sending in 7th Traditions to world service, here’s a tip, our bank will only accept checks made payable to either CoDA, CoDA, Inc. or Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. It is a great help to me when you mark your CoDA Group ID# on the check or money order, and please do not send cash. While I’m on this topic, sometimes a group will send in a check that is older than six months; sadly, those have to be returned to you to be rewritten. In addition to posted letters, I receive lots of email, of course, who doesn’t !

The bulk of the email messages pertain to questions about meetings: “Is this meeting still active?” That’s a frequent query. Taking a cue from that, I can tell you that meetings which are updated routinely, say every six months, are more apt to contain accurate details about the group, and are likely to attract more members. For sure, please update your record yearly. This is crucial.

Here’s the most important tip about updating your meeting record, look it up on and make sure you are one of the listed contacts. This is key because when I receive an update from the contact listed and the request having been sent from the email address of that contact noted on the record, the process is direct. If a member not already listed sends in an update, it is also appreciated. However, there will be a few extra steps. I will write to the person and include the contacts already on the record, and ask for confirmation concerning the update. Then, we all have to wait until one of the listed contacts gets back in touch with me. Don’t ever hesitate to make even small changes to your meeting’s record, more is better in this sphere.

I also have the very happy mission of registering shiny new CoDA meetings. This is joyful for me. Every month people write in asking how to start a meeting. I write back an encouraging letter and send the link to our Meeting Handbook. I often say that CoDA groups in the early years were started by beginners.

I am privileged to be one of your Fellowship Services Workers.

Joan, Fellowship Services of Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc.


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