CoDA March 8th - 10th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA March 8th - 10th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: March 27th 2019



San Jose, CA (March 8-10, 2019)

The Board of Trustees met on Friday, March 8th through Sunday, March 10th in a face to face meeting in San Jose, California. Members in attendance included: Don B, Salle H, Nancy O, Matt T. and Linda A.; absent: Jen L. Staff: Conni

Friday, March 8, 2019 (3:00 – 5:00 pm)

Round Robin order for the weekend:

    • Matt
    • Linda
    • Nancy
    • Salle
    • Don

Consent Agenda

    1. February 2, 2019 Board Minutes approved.
    2. February 2019 motions approved
      1. Motion 1 – Move that the Administrative Assistant (formerly Fellowship Service Worker) be returned to status as recipient, among those advised when electronic donations are made, so that we can receive ongoing reports of those actions, as the Board previously received. Intent: The Administrative Assistant formerly sent out thank you notes for all donations to CoDA. She has been unable to do so for digital contributions since CoDA switched from PayPal to another service. With this motion CoDA will return to acknowledging each contribution, no matter the method of the donation.
      2. Motion 2 Move that Salle draft a letter to Finance requesting that they be the lead on researching options to pay vendors and Fellowship members through an electronic option, particularly travel expenses for internationals. Finance would be the lead and use the help of IMC, the CSC workgroup and possibly Staff, to look at options.
      3. Motion 3 – Move that CoDA purchase (1) a basic library of CoDA literature in English (the three books, the manuals and pamphlets (Twelve Step Handbook, Tools for Recovery, the Twelve-Piece Relationship Toolkit, Newcomers Handbook, Sponsorship - What's in it for me?, Tools for Recovery, Peeling the Onion, Creating CoDA Community: Healthy Meetings Matter) as well as (2) books and manuals presently available in Spanish (Libro Azul/1003S, 4101S, 4004S, 4017S, with the revised version of 6005S to be included once it is published) to be used as references during translation and proofing. Intent: Provide the translators with material to learn the vocabulary of CoDA in two languages and enable them to quote accurately when there are citations from one work or more in the item they're translating.
      4. Motion 4 – Move that we insert the “Significance of Elements of the CoDA Seal” as provided in the attached Word Document into Section 2.1 of the Board P&P as Section 2.1 (b) with the title “Meaning of Elements of the CoDA Seal.” This will require renumbering the current Section 2.1 in the Table of Contents as follows:

2.1 (a) Articles of Incorporation (in separate document)

2.1 (b) Meaning of Elements of the CoDA Seal.


  1. Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 164,619.57

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,191.59

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,553.73

Total Assets: $ 385,364.89

  1. Committee/Liaison Reports – Summary report from Liaisons

Salle made a motion to approve the consent agenda as edited. Nancy seconded. Approved unanimously.

Items from Committee/Liaisons that require Discussion

Finance Committee – Discussion of our requests

Salle and Nancy had a meeting with Lou and Addie from Finance on making international reimbursements and payments easier. SOS (staff) suggested using for international transactions. Salle will look into this. Salle and Nancy also discussed the treatment of reimbursements in general and were asked to present their concerns to the entire Finance Committee at the next meeting.

Chase BankStaff reported that the Chase relationship manager requested that CoDA consider applying for and using a credit card instead of the debit card, as that can be a security issue. Chase also sent a check reader and recommend that CoDA use it. Agreed to use a credit card. See further under New Business.

Old Business

Strategic Plan Review and Updating

Staff provided material for a discussion of the current version of the Strategic Plan, updating completed items and identifying those that remain to be done. It has been 5 years since the Strategic Plan was created. Agreed to have another Face to Face June 7-9 in Phoenix, to have a full Strategic Planning Session. Treasurer will contact Finance concerning approval of another face to face. Main topics will be the new website, the Strategic Plan and CSC motion prep.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Website Development

Had a call with the website consultant about several things including:

  • Hostek Server
  • New Passwords – discussed that we really have to have unique passwords that are rotated regularly for all CoDA emails. Consultant is creating a plan.
  • Web Apps – Discussed existing CoDA Website Apps through the Google store and Apple store. More research needs to be done to find a new App developer. Consultant will research and recommend.
  • New Website - Discussed current status of the new website. Consultant is working with developer to continue to move this forward and get to the point of Beta-testing.
  • Hosting – Discussed hosting company options. After discussion, agreed that we should go forward with Media Temple. Consultant will spearhead.
  • Phase 2 – Consultant will talk to the developer about what might be included in Phase 2 and what is included in the contract.
  • Eblasts – Email List Coordinator currently uses “Dada” for eblasts. Discussed different eblast programs (e.g., Mail Chimp or Constant Contact) and setting up a “sign-up list” that. Consultant to discuss with the developers.

Items Around 2019 CSC

  • Motion relating to TROs for 2020 CSC

Discussed waiving restrictions on TRO’s, offering them to anyone, whether they are a new Delegate, have never been to the CSC before, or the Voting Entity has never yet sent a Delegate. The intent is to get a flood of new people to attend the CSC, encouraging world service. This is imperative for the future growth and health of CoDA. Board will create a motion for the 2019 CSC to make more TROs available for 2020.

  • Translation at CSC for attendees – Discussed how to provide translation for foreign nationals. Need to move this forward for 2019 and beyond.

Other Business

  • Strategy relating to numerous online meetings (Online, FB, Skype, Microsoft)

How do we get alternative meetings to orient themselves towards CoDA World and the Seventh Tradition? How do we increase the type of online meetings listed on the website? Consider the example of Narcotics Anonymous, that lists FB meetings but does not register them, while providing a disclaimer that those meetings are not considered NA meetings.

The issue is whether listing such meetings amounts to endorsing an outside entity such as Facebook. Better to look at these meetings, not as endorsing outside entities, but as tools for recovery. By informing folks that following those links will take them “outside the website” that covers it. Discussed using disclaimer verbiage on the website, since FB does collect information and has access to one’s friends. CoDA would need to let people know that CoDA is friendly to listing FB meetings. More research on this is needed, so we will reconsider the issue at the June meeting.

  • CSC Motion to change the bylaws to give permanent voice to the Chairs at CSC – Every year at the beginning of every CSC, a motion is made to give the Chairs voice. Because they aren’t elected, they don’t have voice or vote like Delegates. Agreed to work on a motion for CSC in June.
  • Public Meeting with local Fellowship – Everyone felt it was a very productive time together with 12 people from the NorCal Fellowship.
  • Audiobook Proposal

Don looked into creating an audio version of Co-Dependents Anonymous, in both English and Spanish. Gerry has been investigating this for CoRe. Matt to talk to Gerry, to see whether CoRe is working on this, to avoid overlap.

  • 1990 Policy and Motion #18005 from CSC 2018

Discussed what policy actually changed as a result of motion #18005. Crystal circulated the original motion, but it had been changed during crafting during the CSC. Alyse wanted to know the difference between 1990 and 2018. The only difference was the last sentence “If, after considering the above points, a group chooses to use outside literature, an announcement ought to be made at the beginning and end of the reading of said literature.” The issue arose because the ORIGINAL 1990 motion was not included in the 2018 motion. After the 1990 motion was passed out and crafted, the new policy was approved. Nancy will send a response.

  • Yearly post-CSC process to update website, motions database, and safekeeping of documents and presentations made by the Board, Committees and Voting Entities. Discussed needing a standard template and process to update the website after the CSC. Linda has worked on a template page that can be used after the CSC, when the material of the previous CSC gets archived. Discussed creating a checklist for post-CSC procedures. Staff will create a checklist to pass around for comments. It will then be added to the Changing of the Guard document.
  • Motions Database – Discussed the reports that are given on the floor of CSC but never connected anywhere. We have the sense, after the motions are passed, that information is missing that needs to be preserved. Audio is part of the history and we will continue to work on the audio segment. Staff suggested we look into uploading documents into the motions database. This would allow us to put PowerPoint presentations with the different committees in the record as well as attach the original motions along with any supporting documentation (as in the case of the 1990 motion). This would keep all relevant information together. Discussed putting the committee QSRs in the motions database, adding them as a 3rd category (Board, CSC, and QSR) – use this as the archives. Staff to get a quote on what it would cost to augment the motions database in this way.
  • Review, analyze and prepare historical information related to CoDA structure reports for presentation at CSC 2019
  • Credit card. Don made a motion that the Board acquire a Chase Credit card with a 20K limit to replace the debit card presently used by the Treasurer. Staff to provide the bank with the financial statements and documents required for the application process. Intent – to protect CoDA’s resources from being lost or stolen. Matt seconded. Approved unanimously.
  • Mexico Issues – CoDA’s Mexican counsel has met with the Mexican Intergroup. Don will forward a settlement proposal.
  • Netherlands IssuePer the lawyer, they have to sign the agreements in order to use the translated material. If they won’t sign, CoDA can’t do anything else.
  • Country printing stipendFew countries have pursued the $500 offer to get started printing. Agreed to have the Email List Coordinator send out that announcement again. Don will ask Crystal/TMC which countries have applied for this loan.
  • CoRe and Spanish Translations – Board reviewed the lack of Spanish literature being printed.
  • Donation Provider and possible provision of an option for Alternative Meetings to designate funds toward sending Delegates to the CSC - The Board made a motion to move to PayPal because the current provider has a specific religious orientation something that we need to avoid. Asked Staff to implement switching to PayPal and to track where donations come from. Staff will look into what is involved and the timeline to put this in place.
  • Budget vs. Actual monthly expenditure reports – Examine forecasting, projecting what things will cost, how much has been spent on issues, such as the website. Staff to work on a report and work with Nancy to ensure this is what is needed.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Action Item List Review – the Board reviewed the Action Item list, clearing off completed tasks and clarifying items that remain. Worked on this until it was time to leave. Nancy to update and send out updated list.


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