CoDA February 2nd, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA February 2nd, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: February 22nd 2019


Board MINUTES for CoDA World Board Conference Call,
February 2, 2019

The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, February 2nd by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Don B, Salle H, Nancy O, and Linda A.; absent: Matt T. Guests: Kaga, Mehdi; Jeanne, Faith; Staff: Conni

Meeting called to order at 8 a.m. Pacific time/11 a.m. Eastern Time

Round Robin Order:

    • Linda
    • Don
    • Jen
    • Nancy
    • Salle
    • Conni

Nancy welcomed the Fellowship Guests on the call as listening guests only .

Consent Agenda

    1. January 5, 2019 Board Minutes approved.
    2. January 2019 motions approved
      1. Motion 1 – Motion to hire CJ as Web System Administrator for a discounted monthly fee of $3500/month for 50 hours of effort, to include two reports a month and meetings with the board.
      2. Motion 2 – Motion that we authorize Zach to set up the two alias accounts Linda has requested for use with the two fellowship forums.
      3. Motion 3 Move that the Co-Dependents Anonymous Board of Trustees P&P Manual be amended to read: 4.3 1b Determination of a Quorum - The Issues and Mediation Committee Voting Entity Liaison or an IMC designee confers with the Board Secretary in the process of registering and accounting for accredited Voting Members...." Intent: To place the Board back into the delegate credentialing process. In this way, the Board will be prepared to greet the Delegates who come to conference."
      1. Motion 4 – Motion to restore the original configuration of the Board created CoDA Service Conference Preparation Work Group. The members of the first CSC Preparation Work Group were: the List Keeper, the Events Chair and the Issues and mediation Committee Voting Entity Liaison. Each of these CoDA entities send many pre-conference emails to delegates and fellowship. The purpose of the Work Group is for these entities to coordinate emailing to eliminate email duplication and email recipient fatigue. A recent motion added an individual from the next conference Voting Entity. This motion reverses that motion removing the local representative whose responsibilities are more aligned with the Events committee. The Events Committee places these local representatives on the Events Committee prior to Conference.
      2. Motion 5 - To reflect actual CoDA usage, change the 'Donate' button to include the words ‘7th Tradition Donations’ and the words ‘Donations’ around the edge of the donate button, similar to that used by CoRE on their new website.
      3. Motion 6 - Move that the Administrative Assistant (formerly Fellowship Service Worker) be returned to status as recipient, among those advised when electronic donations are made, so that we can receive ongoing reports of those actions, as the Board previously received.
    1. Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 170,304.16

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,175.93

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,547.23

Total Assets: $ 391,027.32

    1. Committee/Liaison Reports – Summary report from Liaisons

Salle made a motion to accept the consent agenda as presented. Don Seconded. Approved.

Old Business


  1. Website Update Review – Updates to the meeting locator are going well. Beta testing will begin in February. All feel there have been some good improvements and forward movement. The last piece will be porting pages from the old website to the new one, and making the site more accessible. Website security at all levels as well as the management of the new website are areas that the web consultant has brought to the Board’s attention, for the new site.
  2. English Mobile App e-mail blast announcement – Nancy reported that the English mobile APP is ready to be publicized in an email blast, to let everyone know that it’s available. In round robin discussion it was determined that since several issues need to be sorted out and agreed upon, the discussion was tabled until we have more information.
  3. Placement of 1990 Policy on the Website – Nancy reported that the revised policy was approved at CSC and has been placed in the motions database but has not yet been put in other places on the website. Agreed to defer until new website is available because there are so many issues with the current site.

New Business

    1. Options for Electronic Transfers/Payments – Linda and Nancy have been looking into how we could pay through an electronic payments system for travel expenses, particularly for international Fellowship members, and vendors. After much discussion, agreed to ask the Finance Committee to take on this task.


Salle made a motion that she, as liaison, will draft a letter to Finance requesting that they be the lead on researching options to pay vendors and Fellowship members through an electronic option, particularly travel expenses for internationals. Finance would be the lead and use the help of IMC, the CSC workgroup and possibly SOS, to look at options. Don seconded. Approved.


    1. Meeting with Finance (2X2 and Board) to discuss the current policy regarding Face to Face meetings - Nancy and Salle have been asked to meet with Finance on behalf of the Board for a 2X2 to participate in the process of approving face to face meetings for committees.

Don made a motion that we accept the Finance Committee’s request for a 2x2 to discuss Face-2-Face reimbursements. Nancy seconded. Approved.


Salle to send a response email to Finance to get the 2X2 set up. Nancy to send an email to the board to get feedback.


    1. Publishing CoDA Literature in audible format – Nancy reported that we received an email asking for more literature in an audible format. Discussed investigating doing this professionally. All agreed that this is a good idea. Need to look at what costs are involved and depending on what we find out, bring to CSC as a motion. Don will look into this and discuss next steps.
    1. Possible new volunteer for Board of Trustee Service – Nothing to discuss today.

Open Time

    1. Opened the mic to observers – Jeanne B/TN introduced herself and thanked the board for making this a truly international fellowship. She also asked who recorded the CDs on the Twelve Steps that are for sale. The Board will need to follow up on this with CoRE or Events.
    2. Next meeting – face to face meeting on the weekend of March 8th – There is no public board meeting on March 2nd. The Board will meet on the 2nd for a Workgroup meeting to clarify any points to be taken up at the face to face. On Saturday, March 9th, the Board will host an open meeting with the local fellowship at noon. Linda will update the schedule of the Board’s public meetings on the website.


Next meeting – Board f2f – March 8-10 in San Jose; Workgroup - March 2nd


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