CoDA January 5th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA January 5th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: January 29th 2019


Board MINUTES for CoDA World Board Conference Call, January 5, 2019

The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, January 5th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Matt T, Salle H, Nancy O, and Linda A.; absent: Don B. Guests: Pat, Kaga, Mid from Iran; Staff: Conni

Meeting called to order at 8 a.m. Pacific time/11 a.m. Eastern Time

Round Robin Order:

    • Linda
    • Jen
    • Nancy
    • Salle
    • Matt
    • Conni

Jen welcomed the Fellowship Guests on the call.

Consent Agenda

Agreed to move Motion 1 about Spanish announcement list (EspCoDa) to Old Business for clarification and discussion.

    1. December 1, 2018 Board Minutes approved.
    2. December 2018 motions approved
      1. Motion 2 – Move that the Board disband the Board World Sponsorship Workgroup, allowing a standing committee to assume this project.
      2. Motion 3 – Move that the CoDA Events Committee posts future CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention locations and dates as soon as they are available in two sentences on the World Events page at all times: one line for the dates and place of the CSC/ICC of the next year and the next line for the place and dates for the year after.
      3. Motion 4 – Move that the Board ask NorCal to present the January 2019 Fellowship Forum on the topic of Sponsorship as it relates to their new Sponsorship literature - 30 Questions for Sponsors and 12 Sponsorship Tips.
      4. Motion 5 - To approve the out of scope work on the database to be done by Intersection Online, up to $2,433.75, with proviso that they provide the Board with weekly updates on the progress being made.
    1. Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 120,175.93

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 171,631.27

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,545.72

Total Assets: $ 392,352.92

    1. Committee/Liaison Reports – Summary report from Liaisons.

Nancy made a motion to accept the consent agenda as amended by moving the motion regarding the Spanish announcement list, EspCoDA, to Old Business. Salle seconded. Approved

Old Business

  1. Motion 1 from consent agenda discussion – Linda clarified a point and added the yearly maintenance fee.

Linda made a motion that we pay to move the existing Spanish announcements list over to Tiger Tech, which creates a yearly $80 maintenance fee. We would pay Geff for the work involved and CoDA would pay Justin of TT for design, up to $200. Seconded by Salle. Approved.

  1. Donation button – PayPal versus EasyTithe. Discussed pros and cons of staying with current donation platform or moving to a different one. Discussed needing clarification on what happens when we move to the new website. Interested in pursuing help with CJ on donations on the new website. Decided to hold off on this decision until we have more information. Nancy advised that the CoDA Canada Steering Committee is meeting next Saturday and that she could seek their feedback on this matter.
  2. ZOOM - Discussed how the licenses can be used, how recurring invitations can be set up and sharing board chair’s access with all of the Board members. Conni demonstrated how to share the host’s duties during the call and clarified SOS’ role as the continuity for the account and providing assistance with any problems or questions.
  3. Website Out of Scope and 2018 Website Development Invoices –Salle reported that she has paid the fee for the server for the database and Intersection Online invoice. The only invoice remaining is the one for the Out of Scope work. Discussed that will be paid after the work is finished. Since it is not finished, the 2019 budget will be impacted.
  4. Podcasts – Nancy is working with Mary to create podcasts about board, committee and world Fellowship work as information for the Fellowship. Nancy will moderate and Mary has agreed to respond to the questions. Discussed questions that would give people a better sense of what board and committee work is about. Episodes will last15 minutes. .
  5. 2019 CSC/ICC contract in Atlanta –We have the original Atlanta contract and an addendum that specifies the new dates, submitted by Katherine on 12/29. Need to determine if ready to sign. Jen will reach out. Salle will follow up with Events next week.

New Business

  1. Discussion of P&P process for Liaison/Committee communications – Jen asked if we could discuss this this item in person at our March meeting. All agreed.
  2. Donate Button – Discussed changing this to “7th Tradition” instead of “Donate”. Nancy said that the Canada steering group is considering this. Agreed to table the discussion until Nancy’s group in Canada talks about it. Not pressing or urgent.
  3. Face to Face Meeting Schedules - Discussion regarding travel and meeting times for F2F in San Jose in March 2019 and September CSC/ICC in Atlanta.
    1. San Jose, March 8-10 – Agreed to start at 3pm on Friday until noon on Sunday. Nancy will need to come in the day before. Salle is working on setting up a Saturday potluck with local Fellowship.
    2. CSC/ICC, September 4-11 – Discussed first meeting on Thursday afternoon at 3pm through Saturday at noon. Nancy will need to travel on Wednesday, to start work on Thursday. CSC starts on Monday with the orientation and opening reception for delegates on Sunday. Salle asked for hotel coverage during ICC to stay until Monday to finish financial business, which includes hotel close-out, ICC close-out and assisting Events in breaking down Convention setup. Salle will send an email motion to the board.
  4. All Souls CoDA group email – They offered to volunteer on any items the board needs. Salle has responded officially. Nancy will start an email discussion to brainstorm how they could help.
  5. QSR Q4 due January 15, 2019 – This report covers the time period since committees wrote their Annual Reports for the 2018 CSC through to December 31, 2018. Will work via email to complete.
  6. Next Saturday – Agreed to meet on January 12th to talk about P&P, email from All Souls, and the QSR.


Next Board Public meeting – February 2, 2019; Workgroup - Saturday, January 12, 2019


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