CoDA December 1st, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA December 1st, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: December 13th 2018


Board NOTES for CoDA World Board Conference Call,
December 1, 2018

The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, December 1st by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Matt T, Salle H, Nancy O, Linda A. and Don B. Guests: Gail, Sharon, Kaga; Staff: Conni

Consent agenda for approval

    1. November 3, 2018 Board Minutes approved.
    2. November 2018 motions approved
      1. Motion 1 – To accept and publish the 3rd Quarter QSR, a compendium of Annual Reports to the CSC as well as the summary of motions passed at the 2018 CSC.
      2. Motion 2 – To approve the announcement regarding the Application for Loan for local printing projects.
      3. Motion 3 – That the CoDA Board approves and the Chair signs the 2019 contract between CoDA Inc. and SOS.
        1. Note: this motion does not represent approval or disapproval of the proposed 2019 contract. Rather, acceptance of the reality that the Board will not review the proposed 2019 contract submitted in September 2018. The current contract expires December 31, 2018.
      4. Motion 4 – To purchase 5 Zoom licenses and request Conni to set these up.
      5. Motion 5 – To have Conni negotiate for most economical hotel in San Jose, CA for Board F2F in early March 2019.
      6. Motion 6 – To accept Conni’s recommendations that the Board meet at the Fairfield Inn in San Jose on March 8-10, 2019 for the next Board F2F as it is the most economical.
      7. Motion 7 – To amend motion 18214.2, to read “Motion to contract with (Delete: 2) bilingual Spanish translators (Add: as needed.) to work on translating current literature/paid per project.”
    1. Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 181,973.13

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,159.88

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,545.31

Total Assets: $ 402,678.32

    1. Committee/Liaison Reports – Summary report from Liaisons

Salle made a motion to accept the consent agenda as presented. Jen seconded. Approved


Items from Committee/Liaisons that need Discussion

    1. March 8-10, 2019 BOD Face to Face Meeting - Will be in San Jose
    2. Zoom – We will purchasing 5 business licenses (getting a 6th for free) for $999.50 annually for use by the organization.
    3. Outreach Committee (Nancy) - The Outreach committee would like to be involved with Beta testing of the new website if at all possible. Agreed to make website meetings available to anyone wishing to be a part.
    4. Service Structure Committee (Jen) – Fellowship Service Manual Updates received needs Board Approval. Discussed the 1990 motion update.
    5. Mobile Office Text provider – Looking for a new text/mass text provider for Communications and SPO Committees. Conni and Linda will work together.

Linda made a motion that we ask SOS to investigate a text service that can provide the option of bulk texts. Salle seconded. Approved unanimously.

Linda made a motion to cancel the 3rd phone line for SPO texting Spanish line with Salle seconded. Approved unanimously.

    1. Chairs Forum Liaison –

Don made a motion that we honor the Chairs Forum desire to not have a board liaison. Linda seconded. Approved unanimously.

Old Business


    1. Secretary Report Templates –Nancy was able to create a template for everyone to use for liaison reports. Board to use for future meetings.
    2. Secretary Action List - Older items on the Action List –Discussed having a workgroup to work on some of the older items that have been on the action list.

Nancy made a motion to create a workgroup to work through older action items and ask for volunteers. Linda seconded. Approved unanimously.

New Business

    1. Request of Service Structure Committee to add 1990 Policy regarding use of non-conference approved literature to the FSM. Discussed whether we should add to FSM or leave it where it is. Jen will let SSC know that we agree that it will go in these areas.
    2. Email from Katherine (Events) for CSC 2019. Events is working on hotel contract for dates. Jen has to sign the contracts. Salle will let them know that the board needs to sign the contract.
    3. Possible Web Liaison change. Discussed changing the website liaison. Need to make sure Zach and the chairs are notified about the change.

Jen made a motion to make Linda primary liaison, Jen would be back-up and Linda gain access to the Spanish website for changes. Don seconded. Approved unanimously.

    1. December meeting dates with upcoming Christmas Holidays. Agreed we would meet next Saturday and the 15th, and then do not meet Dec 22nd and 29th. Then next public board meeting will be on January 5th.
    2. Dealing with past CSC reports and historical information at the SOS Offices. Discuss by email and on agenda at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


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