CoDA November 3rd, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA November 3rd, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: November 20th 2018


Board MINUTES for CoDA World Board Conference Call,
November 3, 2018

The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, November 3rd by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Matt T, Salle H, Nancy O, Linda A. and Don B. Guests: Gail, Kathy, Crystal; Staff: Conni

Meeting called to order at 8 a.m. Pacific time/11 a.m. Eastern Time

Round Robin Order:

Round Robin
1) Gail
2) Nancy
3) Linda
4) Jen
4) Kathy
5) Salle
6) Matt
7) Crystal
8) Don
9) Conni

Jen welcomed the Fellowship Guests on the call.

Consent agenda for approval

    1. Board Motion to add Local conference people to CSC Prep Work Group
      1. Motion: The board will increase the CSC Preparation Work Group to include local community representatives. (Don, Oct. 23/18)
      2. Motion by Don, Seconded by Linda (Vote Yes 6; No 0; Abstain 0)
    2. Board Motion to approve October 2018 minutes for posting to the website.
      1. Motion by Nancy, Seconded by Linda (Vote Yes 6; No O; Abstain 0)

Treasurer’s Report/Bank Balances

  JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 205,999.84

  JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,151.20

  National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,531.52

Total Assets: $ 446,682.56


Committee reports

    1. Outreach Report – Nancy O as new Liaison to the Outreach Committee has been welcomed by the Chair added to their email stream. Nancy will be attending their next meeting which will be on Nov. 18, 2018 at 6:00 PM Atlantic Time. They meet once a month every third Sunday at this time.
    2. H & I Report – Nancy O as new Liaison to the H & I Committee has been welcomed by the outgoing Chair and added to their email stream. The committee is currently rotating Chair responsibilities until a permanent chair steps forward. At their October 25, 2018 meeting they welcomed 3 new members and noted they were close to finalizing a new H & I Handbook. At this meeting, Nancy was accepted as the Board Liaison and will be attending the next online meeting on Nov. 15, 2018 at 10:00 PM Atlantic Time.
    3. Email List Coordinator Report - Email list coordinator's questions to the Board:
      1. When will October minutes and CSC Summary be approved for posting?
      2. Shall we make a place on the website for the CSC recordings, to help people find the CSC (& other) audio pages?


Don made the motion to accept the consent agenda as presented. Matt seconded. Approved.

Items for discussion:

    1. Secretary report – Nancy O reported she has been working with Linda to get familiar with all of the Secretary duties, including the technology used.
    2. Treasurer Update – no update, ERR’s are being paid daily, as well as other bills.
    3. Website Update – Jen to schedule the next call with the developer and the Board.
    4. Legal Update – Don reported he got out the valuations for the three translator applicants and asked them to translate and proof a page. He also reported that we have a pending piracy issue with CoDA Mexico and he would like to move forward with that, with Board support. Board agreed to move forward.
    5. CoRe update – The Board needs to talk with CoRe about the distribution of the recordings made at ICC. Matt volunteered to research.
    6. TMC Update – Crystal reported that TMC has a meeting later today. In the past they have welcomed the legal liaison and TMC liaison to meetings, and she will let Don know after the meeting as well as ongoing 2x2’s.
    7. Sponsorship workgroup – Discussed how to get the word out about sponsorship. Jen will add this to the Chairs Forum agenda for assistance.

2) Old Business

    1. Find presenters for 2018 Forums after November, December – the venue was Skype for Business on Office 365, which we have had some hiccups. Platform needs to be resolved before we speak about the Fellowship Forum. TABLED until after we decide how to proceed on a platform.
    2. How to proceed with the Public Information workgroup? Discussed how we can move forward to get a PSA and other information out to the masses. Jen will bring to the Chairs Forum as an agenda item.
    3. Publicizing the $500 loans to Voting Entities outside the United States. Announced at CSC but have not done anything since then. Don will produce a communication draft for helping groups outside of the U.S. get translations and circulate to the board.
    4. Drop Skype for Business from the Office 365 package currently in use and adopt a different platform (Zoom?) for teleconferencing for committees, the Board, the Fellowship Forum and the Foro de Información para Codependientes. Discussed the multiple issues we have been having with Skype and what a resolutions might be. Agreed we should keep Office 365 package for the Committees and Board, but find a new platform for conference call meetings. Discussed SOS to look into a Zoom account and send to board to make a decision. Conni will look into a corporate Zoom account and send options to the board.


Jen made a motion that the Board invest in Zoom for its meeting needs. A different platform will be sought for the Spanish Forum. Office 365 will be retained for other needs. Matt Seconded. Discussion. Approved.

Salle made a motion to extend our call for 15-20 minutes. Matt seconded. Approved.


3) New Business

    1. Internal process for the board for communication. Discussed streamlining communication by using one document to keep track of action items. Discussed Action Item list be part of the secretary’s report on the board agenda to keep the action items going.

Next Steps:

  1. Create shared document we can use for projects and action items.
    1. Nancy to create with our notes, discussion and action items. Give it a try and if not working, will figure it out.
  2. Weekly workgroups starting next Saturday, November 10th.

Meeting closed at 10:03am.


  • Don to move forward on Mexico legal issue.
  • Matt to work with Linda on getting news of the ICC and CSC recordings out to the Fellowship.
  • SOS to work on a corporate Zoom Account.
  • Jen to set up a website call and invite the Board.
  • Nancy to create a document for Action Items and tracking project conversations.
  • Start meeting weekly on Saturday, November 10th – Nancy to set up.


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