CoDA Service Conference Motion Summary

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Subject: CoDA Service Conference Motion Summary
Date: November 4th 2018


The 2018 CoDA Service Conference produced the following approved motions. The Motion Key number accompanying each motion is provided so that interested CoDA members can read up on the details of any motion in the Motions Database at


  • Motion #1 defined a World Standing Committee as one that has a minimum of 3 active members, meets at least every other month, has a Policy and Procedures Manual posted, along with its corrected minutes, in an area accessible to the fellowship. Motion Key: 4970
  • Board Motion #3 established the grounds for removal of a member from a World Standing Committee, specifying that said member be informed of the pending action as well as how to appeal the removal if he/she wishes. Motion Key: 4972
    • Board Motion #4 amended last year's motion #17031 to simplify changes to the FSM even more in those cases where the changes create nothing against the Traditions. Motion Key: 4973
  • Board Motion #5 replaced the 1990 "Policy Regarding Outside Literature at CoDA Meetings" with CoDA literature as the only approved literature for meetings Motion Key: 4974

CoRe Board Motion #1 added an anti-bullying policy to the Fellowship Service Manual, Part 1 Section 03, ‘Communications within CoDA’ Motion Key: 4976

Service Structure Committee’s Motion #2 added a glossary to the Fellowship Service Manual as well as other textual changes. Motion Key: 4978

  • SSC’s Motion #3 overturned two 2018 Board decisions as violations of the Bylaws and the Fellowship Service Manual: the decision changing a standing committee’s status to work group and the other repealing a 2014 motion to send Spanish translations to Spanish Outreach to be proofed. Motion Key: 4979

4 Issues Mediation Committee motions passed unanimously,

  • Revised Travel Reimbursement Opportunities (TROs) for Delegates attending the CoDA Service Conference
    • Motion #1 established that IMC and Finance together are responsible to oversee the TRO awards and payments, and to provide greater clarity in the documentation of the types of awards Motion Key: 4980
    • Motion #4 updated the Fellowship Service Manual regarding Travel Reimbursement Opportunities Motion Key – 4983
  • Clarified Voting Entity Issue procedures
    • Motion #2 redid the submission form used for Voting Entity Issues. Motion Key – 4981
    • Motion #3 clarified the process for consideration of Voting Entity Issues Motion Key – 4982

Finance Committee

  • Motion #1 revised the Expense Reimbursement Policy Motion Key – 4984
  • Motion #2 revised the 2018 Expense Reimbursement Approval Procedure (ERAP) Motion Key – 4985

Communications Committee Motion #1 authorized the Communications Committee to convene a subsequently self-governing ad-hoc committee to evaluate the current structure of World Service, considering the boundaries between the Fellowship and the Corporation and to report results of their deliberations to the 2019 CoDA Service Conference. Motion Key: 4986

Events Committee

  • Motion #1 scheduled the CoDA Service Conference and the International CoDA Convention to run consecutively rather than concurrently Motion Key: 4987
  • Motions #3 and 4 authorized a 3-year trial period to organize other (non CSC/ICC) CoDA events and to have site visits reimbursed. Motion Key: 5013, 5014

Translation Management Committee Motion #1 included the following statement about anonymity in CoDA’s business arrangements in the text about Tradition Eleven on page 151 in CoDA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook and in the Fellowship Service Manual. Motion Key: 4989

It is not a break of Anonymity to use or sign your last name on documents and /or contracts necessary for doing business with and/or for CoDA, Inc., including protection of CoDA’s intellectual property rights. Signing a legal document for a piece of literature is not the same as signing the literature. Legal documents are held confidentially in the legal repository accessible only by the Board and responsible chairs except, when used for court procedures.

CoDA Literature Committee Motion #1 presented a new piece of literature, entitled “Traditionally Speaking.” Motion Key: 4990

Voting Entity Issue #1 from CoDA Colombia modified the long and short versions of the CoDA Welcome by adding the phrase ‘and other’ to "family systems": resulting in "families and other systems" that will over time be updated on the web and in printed versions of CoDA literature. Motion Key: 4991

Three new pieces of CoDA literature from Voting Entities were accepted as drafts to be worked on during the coming year.

  • The Spanish pamphlet introduced by CoDA Colombia, Sentimientos/Feelings. Motion Key: 4992

Two titles from NorCal were approved:

  • Twelve Tips for Sponsors [Motion Key: 4993]

Finance Committee’s 2019 CoDA Budget of $262,868 in Expenses, $243,300 in income, with a shortfall of $19,568 was accepted. Motion Key: 5007

The preceding message was from The CoDA Board Of Trustees,


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