CoDA: Friday Fellowship Item #12

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Subject: CoDA: Friday Fellowship Item #12
Date: October 26th 2018


It didn’t start as an effort to grow the number of meetings. The new secretary of a CoDA Voting Entity (VE) just wanted to construct an accurate list of the meetings in that VE. The secretary contacted them one by one using the contact information in the meeting finder on and then engaged them in conversation. This contact was new and very welcome to the meeting contact people. They readily talked about how their meetings were going. The secretary asked them also about other nearby meetings, sharing what information had already been obtained.

Besides being enjoyable, the contacts were very useful, enabling the meeting list for that VE to become much more accurate. Suffering codependents looking for a meeting were led astray much less often by obsolete information.

Change happens, though, so every three months the one page list was sent out, first as a draft for people to verify and revise, and then a final version for distribution. Phone conversations continued also and they continued being supportive both for the secretary as well as for the meeting contacts. People began to feel more connected to CoDA outside their individual meetings.(This is much easier to do with the online tools now available.)

This continued four times a year and and the updated list was sent to mental health professionals using a separate, assiduously prepared list of them. Eventually there was something new. Meetings were beginning to contact one another directly and talk about working together. Additional meetings started to show up and the list began being used by mental health professionals more and more. Over the course of three years, the list of meetings doubled from twenty-five to fifty. It needed a second page or double-sided printing.

This seems like something other VE’s or intergroups could do. That VE secretary has written a much fuller version of the story, including how to use online tools to make the process much easier. You can access that by clicking on this link:

We read at every meeting, “Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to other codependents who still suffer.” It didn’t take much to spur those meetings into putting that tradition into action.

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