CoDA September 12th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA September 12th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: September 18th 2018


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call,
September 12, 2018

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, September 12th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Mary I., Matt T., Salle H., Jen L., Linda A. as voting members and Don B., as Alternate. Guests: CJ, web consultant; Staff: Conni

Meeting called to order at 7 a.m. Pacific time/10 a.m. Eastern Time

Round Robin Order:

  1. Jen
  2. Linda
  3. Don
  4. Mary
  5. CJ – guest to meeting
  6. Salle
  7. Matt
  8. Conni

Consent agenda

  • Minutes for August 8, 2018 Board meeting
  • Motions
    • Move we send out a plea, asking people, either bilingual or Spanish speaking-only, to join SPO.
    • Pay a CoDA member to insert a button directing folks to CoDA's unsubscribe page to cover over email-inserted unsubscribe prompts, as those can lead to labeling of CoDA emails as spam.
    • Withdraw Board motions 5 & 6 amending turnaround time for VE-presented literature
    • Withdraw Board Motion 3
    • Resubmit motion #17029, withdrawn in 2017, to insure the CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention are held separately, with no overlap. This will be Board Motion 6, submitted late, for the 2018 CSC.
    • Move that the Board's Policy and Procedures Manual as well as its Minutes be posted in one, publicly accessible area that is clearly labelled.
    • Move that as of Sept. 30, the Spanish Outreach workgroup (SPO) become a committee again. Intent: To restore committee status, as the committee now has sufficient members.
    • Move to limit any visitor issue to 5 minutes of their presentation of the issue. Intent: So as not to interfere with our ability to get work done. Comment: Visitors are encouraged to submit questions or concerns in writing ahead of time so that the 5 minutes can be used wisely.
    • Move that CoDA create two additional phone lines, one for texting in English and the other for texting in Spanish, at a cost of $117.12 per year, to allow Cphone and SPO to reply to text messages as such. (Note: price shown covers two lines)
    • Pay the translators $28 per hour for final proofing of items to print.
      Intent: to address the final step in literature production

  • Treasurer’s Report/Bank Balances

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $190,107.29

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $120,143.83

National Bank of Arizona: $100,529.15

Total Assets: $410,780.27

  • July Committee reports

Mary made a motion to pass the consent agenda as presented. Salle seconded. Approved.

Items for discussion:

Website Update Website Update – CJ reviewed current site.

  • Suggestion made that tags be entered as each page is created. Previous decision was made to add tags after website goes up (before launch) to include and encourage CoDA members to help make the site more visible through searching. Providing tags afterward through volunteers will save a significant amount from web development
  • Proposed deadline for new meeting locator 10/1/18 to allow time for Board to review prior to presenting at CSC. Entire website will not be launched until end of calendar year.
  • Provided list of broken links to fix. Verify mobile view will be fixed.
  • Board consults with end users that update the meeting locator for
  • Board to get demonstration of edits and site development in next couple weeks to review progress made by developers
  • Jen to get answers back to the Board and CJ.
  • Secretary report – no report
  • Treasurer Update – no report
  • Legal Update
    • Billing received from lawyer and passed on to Lawyer in process of copyrighting our latest literature – Twelve Piece Relationship Toolkit as well as the Pro Outreach items.
    • Mexico – No updates
    • Quebec’s DAA seeks permission to use its translation of the Steps and Traditions, as they have changed ‘Codependents Anonymous or CoDA’ to DAA, Emotions Anonymous
    • Netherlands – communication from them say that our legal needs do not meet the Fellowship needs. Mary will reply.
    • Polwarth Publishing –Their contract has been out of date for a while. Mary has referred them to Crystal directly so that contact can be one to one without confusion. Sent them the items they currently have so they have the most updated version.
  • CoRe update – Matt reported they have a call today at 11am. They asked to meet with us on Monday morning at CSC – Jen proposeda different day. CoDA Board would like to discuss the contract, specifically, at the meeting. Jen will ask Dagmar for their items for discussion.


  • Jen to talk to Dagmar for mutual time to meet at CSC.
  • TMC Update – The Netherlands rejected our proposal to allow them to print 100 copies of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook in Dutch by refusing to sign the necessary paperwork. Per the CoDA lawyer’s statement, that was sent to Stijn, the spokesperson from the Netherlands, we cannot waiver from our process or we risk losing the copyrights.
  • Pre-CSC workgroup – Don reported they have had 2 meetings and will be meeting weekly now. Everyone motivated to get things done.
  • Sponsorship Workgroup – discussed sending out a plea for people who are interested in serving on the workgroup. Have approval from Outreach and Madeline to use existing Excel spreadsheet.

Old Business

  • Public Information Work Group - Discussed tabling until after CSC. Discussed sending out a communication to the Fellowship asking for people with experience that might be interested in serving on a Workgroup. Discussed having a board member that could lead the Workgroup. Salle is considering.

Testimonials at CSC – Discussed creating an area and specific times - people can come and give us written testimony or make a recording. Board will create guidelines and model how to do it. Tiarra and Conni would spearhead. Ask the local Fellowship to create Testimonials on Saturday. Discussed letting Co-NNections know what we want to do, to see whether they want to get involved.

Conni will put a plan together for approval, communicate that to Don, and coordinate for the CSC, following the Co-NNections guidelines for video recordings, available on the website.


  • Conni to bring suggestions to Board about how to gather Testimonials at CSC.


Preparing for CSC:

  • Sailing Theme handouts at CSC : Conni to produce the handouts
  • Board Report at CSC – Will discuss at next Board call and get a plan in action.
  • Salle to write up potential idea for CSC – Delegate reception Monday night
  • Chairs Meeting at CSC Don made a motion and Board unanimously agreed to attend Chairs Forum on Monday morning prior to CSC


Items not covered, for email discussion:

  • How does the Board create a spiritual connection at the opening of the CSC?
  • Find presenters for 2018 Forums after September (Jen). October, November, December
  • Provide time for WSG report within Board’s allotted time at CSC
  • Board will meet with the Delegates at 4pm on Monday, October 8th
  • Assign one Board motion to each Board member to present – collaborate on best presentation points in limited time available for presentation.

Next meeting – October 5-8, 2018 at CSC

  • Proposed schedule
    • Oct 5 – 5 PM dinner with discussion on agenda
    • Oct 6 – 8:30AM – 4PM
    • Oct 7 – 9AM – 4PM
    • Oct 8
      • 9AM Chairs Forum meeting for those wishing to participate
      • 11AM Board meeting
      • 12 lunch
      • 1PM meet with CoRe
      • 3PM close
      • 4PM delegates meeting

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