CoDA's 12 Traditions: Tradition #4

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Subject: CoDA's 12 Traditions: Tradition #4
Date: August 23rd 2018

This is the 4th in a series of excerpts from the CoDA Workbook. We are in process of sending you 1 tradition each week for a total of 12 weeks.

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The traditions are the foundation of our program & of our yearly Service Conference.

Please note that all material below this paragraph is taken directly from the CoDA Workbook & is Conference approved. While we are sharing it with the fellowship in the spirit of recovery and service, the copyright to this material is fully owned by Codependents Anonymous, inc (2013).

Tradition #4: Each group should remain autonomous, except in matters affecting other groups or CoDA as a whole.

In Step Four, we take our own individual inventory. In Tradition Four, we can use the inventory process to evaluate our group’s effect on other meetings or on CoDA as a whole. We can do this by considering how our group’s behaviors and attitudes affect the Fellowship. We may also choose to take time at a meeting or group level to join together to assess whether we are supporting CoDA as a whole.

..... As much as we value autonomy, we value unity more. In this Tradition, we acknowledge we are part of a greater whole—the Fellowship of Co-Dependents Anonymous. Any decision we make as a group should be centered in our common welfare. Because the Steps, Traditions, Preamble, and Welcome define the CoDA program and our message of recovery, they are read at every meeting as written.

..... When reflecting on the Fourth Tradition and the autonomy of our groups, it is also important to ask ourselves whether our meetings are accessible to the newcomer. Structuring our meetings in ways that maximize the ability of the newcomers to grasp the basic tools of recovery, as well as providing a welcoming atmosphere, support the continued strength of our Fellowship. Sponsors, phone lists, ..... and the willingness to take service commitments also support our primary purpose and CoDA as a whole.

It is not always easy to know what will affect other groups or CoDA as a whole. However, by applying the Steps and Traditions, we do our best to support both autonomy and unity. We look at issues that arise in our groups and ask ourselves to remember our responsibility to the program. For instance, how a meeting uses its Seventh Tradition funds is a matter of autonomy, but we gain clarity by reviewing all the Steps and Traditions and linking our decisions to CoDA as a whole. We realize our reliance on the service structure of the CoDA Fellowship.

..... Sharing our experience, strength, and hope at the meeting level and in our service work is a positive example of how our autonomous actions contribute to the well-being of CoDA.



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