CoDA August 8th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA August 8th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: August 19th 2018


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call,
August 8, 2018

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, August 8th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Mary I., Matt T., Salle H., Jen L., Linda A. as voting members and Don B., as Alternate. Guests: Liliana, Katherine; Staff: Conni

Meeting called to order at 7 a.m. Pacific time/10 a.m. Eastern Time

Round Robin Order:

  1. Don
  2. Linda
  3. Mary
  4. Matt
  5. Salle
  6. Jen


SPO - Liliana asked the board to reinstate SPO to a committee from workgroup status; she stated she has two volunteers for SPO Committee. Mary stated SPO is workgroup only until it can be reconstituted, requested the two volunteers contact the board.


  1. reported that Events had a successful face to face meeting, the first time this group met together. They updated their P&P with a goal of being done by CSC. Events is also working on CSC/ICC in 2020; Canada is very interested. Currently there are 111 registered for ICC and CSC has 18 delegates and 9 observers. She will send the preliminary schedule to the Board for feedback. Discussed overlap with CSC/ICC and the perceived slight of the delegates. The Board asked the Events Committee to reconsider having any overlap.


  • Minutes for July 11, 2018 Board meeting
  • Motions
    • The Board moves to create a trial program, providing one $500 loan to each of two Voting Entities, to establish a publishing start up for CoDA literature in translation.
      Intent: To assist Voting Entities or upcoming VEs to begin to publish CoDA endorsed literature that they have translated to their language. To help spread recovery.
      Remarks: This trial will require a repayment plan that will begin 6 months from first published items, amount per month to be determined. To qualify for the trial program, a signed contract with the full signature of the chair of the publishing committee and proof that the majority of meetings covered by the translation have been in existence for a minimum of two years will be required.
    • Move that the phone list template found in the FSM be amended to include the following statement at the bottom: This list is for the use of CoDA members in order to aid in recovery. It is not meant to be used as a way to group text, send ads, or anything other than enhance our personal recovery. (Next step: send to SSC to add to the FSM’s phone list template)
    • Move that every Office 365 account also have a phone line, to be paid for by CoDA Inc.
    • Approve the following four expenses for website developer:
      1. Email signup - 2 hour @ $90/h, for adding list item to
      2. Email signup CGI - 2 hour @ $90/h, only if needed.
      3. area contacts – Expenditure will depend on how many contacts need updating and what amount of information needs to be added to the database- approximately 5-15min per record
      4. Add checkmark field to - 30m-1h @ $90/h
      Remarks: These are expenses for extras needed, specifically about the email lists, the email list pop up, adding: the meeting contact list, the check box for the privacy statement and the terms of use. The cost of turning the area contacts into a usable list, and of updating what Joan has collected that we couldn't correct (about $5 per record)
    • Hire an outside consultant to advise the Board on its web needs. What does the Board need to know, to adequately supervise that development?
  • Treasurer’s Report/Bank Balances

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $183,998.14

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $120,135.67

National Bank of Arizona: $100,529.15 +/- .05%

Total Assets: $404,662.96

  • July Committee reports

Salle made a motion to pass the consent agenda as presented. Linda seconded. Approved.


  • Secretary report – No updates
  • Treasurer Update – No updates
  • Website Update – Jen
    • Jen has signed agreement to hire web consultant. Moving forward.
    • Developer – discussed expediting search meeting database, there will be another meeting to walk through what has been done.
    • Geff has asked to be able to paste something over the web template that states how people can unsubscribe. Linda to resend to Board for action.
  • Legal Update – Mary
    • Peeling the Onion – has been sent to the translator and we should have that back in a few days. There were errors found in the original translation – missing pages, paragraphs not translated; this caused a delay in the process.
    • CoDA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook translation is moving forward.
  • CoRe update – no update
  • TMC Update – Mary noted that there was a translation agreement with someone from Mexico in 2015. This issue needs some follow-up, as getting the lawyer involved means needing to have all relevant information. Mary to verify and contact TMC.
  • Outreach and Sponsorship - Don
    • Sponsorship Workgroup – At one time there was a workgroup on sponsorship. Don has written to Sharon, Chair of Outreach and to Madeline R, to ask for permission to use the material that was used before.
    • – no charge for texting with them, but we do have to buy telephone lines. We already get texts, but they often come in like an email with all information in the subject line. Could we arrange to answer those as texts? That is the question. Conni will look into with guidance from Linda and Don.
  • Feedback about Board motions - Jen
    • We had a good meeting with the Fellowship asking questions about the Board motions for CSC. The major feedback we got was that our motions were too harsh and strict. Several people asked for edits to the motions.
    • Mary sent out some suggested changes and Linda has incorporated them.
      • Motions 5&6 – agreed to withdraw these two motions concerning publishing service items literature. Down to 6 motions.
      • Motion #1 – Discussed the feedback from the call with the committee chairs and how we should change verbiage. Agreed to request redacted minutes from the committees when they have meetings.
      • Motion #2 – Discussed clarifying the terms of office for chair and vice chair and adding the term limits for Chairs in this motion. Agreed total service as Chair should be two three years terms with a break in between. No limits on Vice-chair. Clock would start after approval at CSC 2018.
      • Motion #3 – discussed the number of years for maximum. Consensus to delete motion and go back to Motion #2 and add verbiage to Motion #2. Down to 5 motions.

Matt made a motion to extend meeting by 15 minutes. Salle seconded. Approved.

      • Motion #4 – discussed changes to verbiage.
      • Motion #7 – discussed changes to verbiage.
      • Motion #8 – discussed changes to motion that gives more information on what the intent and remarks are.

Everything here moved to email discussion.

  • Old Business:
  • CoRe’s late motion
  • Status of SPO and response to Veronica
  • Public Information Work Group -
  • Website transition and Secretary’s OneDrive


New Business:

  • Set time to meet with the delegates, discuss amenities
    • Delegate’s Reception Monday afternoon, Oct. 8th
    • Can we do it without catering?
    • No coffee (costs $75), just water
    • Salle on Skit for CSC
  • Annual Report for CSC

Next meeting – September 12, 2018, 7 am Pacific time, 10 am Eastern


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