CoDA July 11, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA July 11, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: July 18th 2018


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call,
July 11, 2018

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, July 11th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Mary I., Matt T., Salle H., Linda A. as voting members and Don B., as Alternate with voting privileges in view of the absence of the Board Chair.

Meeting called to order at 7 a.m. Pacific time/10 a.m. Eastern time

Round Robin Order:

  1. Mary
  2. Matt
  3. Salle
  4. Linda
  5. Don

Consent agenda

  • Minutes for face to face meeting, June 8th through the 10th, 2018
  • Motions
    • Motion to pay hourly rate for hotel to obtain meeting room for Friday, 6/10/18, at start of Board's second f2f.
    • Motion to contract with 2 bilingual Spanish translators to work on translating current literature/paid per project
    • Motion that Spanish Outreach become a work group. Intent: to follow the in force motion that defines a committee as minimum two people. Remarks: SPO for many months has not had any committee members, only a chair. The chair has been contacted about the need to have members, and to have meetings and minutes - to no avail. Reverting to workgroup status will allow time for the committee to be reformed. There will be no financial funds for attendance at CSC, as there is no functioning committee.
    • Move to distribute letter to meeting contacts and delegates concerning new process for CSC approval of VE literature. Intent: To advise the fellowship of the new process for literature to be proposed for CSC endorsement that comes directly from voting entities or intergroups where no VE exists.
  • Treasurer’s Report/Bank Balances

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $170,056.19

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $120,127.25

National Bank of Arizona: $100,528.69

Total Assets: $390,712.13

  • June Committee reports

Consent Agenda approved unanimously.

Items for discussion: (30 minutes)

  • Secretary report – No report.
  • Treasurer Update – No outstanding bills to pay at this time.
  • Website Update – No report.
  • World Structure Work Group update –No report.

Legal Update – Mary

  • To add other Voting Entity publishers to the Buy Literature page, updated meeting contacts were requested to obtain links to their literature ordering systems.
  • The Spanish/English translators’ W-9s have been received.
  • Attorney - waiting for answers from Adam on the Netherland’s request for rewording of a contract as well as the new requirements imposed by the European Privacy statement. Also, another attorney, John Gilbert, has been contacted concerning the possibility of changing the Articles of Incorporation.
  • CoRe update – No update provided as CoRe Board members were en route to their July f2f meeting when contacted.
  • TMC Update – Comprehensive outline of its activity provided to the Board. TMC has an upcoming meeting in July.

Old Business:

  • From the Board’s Strategic plan
    • Testimonials – Some video testimonials may be forthcoming in Spanish. Questions raised by the prospect of creation of a webpage featuring such testimonials include:
      • Will the testimonials be posted for a fixed amount of time?
      • Will the testimonials be rotated?
      • Will newcomers who listen to these testimonials be provided with information about finding a meeting or how to ask questions?
    • Sponsorship Building – deferred to email discussion
    • Motions for the CSC – deferred to email discussion after review of Action List to date

New Business:

  • Formation of a Public Information Work Group was discussed.
  • Discussed the response to the recent announcement encouraging members to consider Board service.
  • Once the new website has a scheduled date to go live…
    • The Board will announce that it is seeking members of the fellowship with WordPress or web blog experience to form a pool of CoDA members who will edit pages on the new website.
    • The Board will announce the countdown to closure of the Trusted Servants Area.
  • The Board requested that SOS send the 2017-18 Board motions to the Delegate package by the 75 day deadline before the CSC, and that it also update the motions, at the 60 and 30 day marks.
    • ACTION: Linda volunteered to write a letter to encourage Delegates to read over this large collection of Motions and to send any questions they have about them to the Board to <>.
    • ACTION: Mary to request of SOS that the motions from the end of the 2017 CSC to date be collected in one zip file to send to the pre-CSC workgroup for posting as part of the Delegates Packet.
    • The Board’s motions are posted in order for Voting Entities or Intergroups to provide feedback, express concerns, ask questions or object to a Board motion by emailing the Board. The Board is committed to answering such queries before CSC, to avoid delays during the CSC.
  • ACTION: The Alternate Liaison to SPO was asked by the Board to contact SPO concerning its reversion to work group status.
  • What will be the process by which Voting Entities or Intergroups are offered trial publication loans?
    • Discussion of the process for allocating such loans lead to the suggestion that those interested submit a proposal describing just how each publication project leader envisions using the loan. This would permit the Board to judge those projects that are sufficiently well-planned to work.
    • ACTION: Salle agreed to write a motion concerning the above essay writing process.
  • Mexico - can Jen contact, work to get a publication agreement? What would we need from them to do so?
    • ACTION: Mary will send this item to email
  • An FSM change requested by H&I – the deletion of a couple of words – was approved by the Board in May but has yet to be completed.
  • QSR items that must be received by this coming weekend: web report, WSG report.
    • The financial reports have been received.
  • The Board agreed that it will need any motions from the World Structures Work Group by the 20th of July
  • ACTION: Salle will email Board about the domain names from Mexico.
  • The CSC Preparation work group wants to be able to contact Zach directly concerning renovation of the CSC page. The current process of going through the Web Liaison is unnecessarily cumbersome and subject to errors.

ACTION: Mary will email Zach and copy Jen concerning the consensus achieved, to let the pre CSC group contact Zach directly.

  • The Board was contemplating a project to collect and display those portions of CoDA’s meeting format, as changed by the group conscience, that deal with topics such as welcoming newcomers, the ways groups address crosstalk and 13th stepping, encouraging the use of CoDA literature or special collections to fund projects such as H&I's Books for Inmates and Institutions. This project is described in the Board’s upcoming 2nd Quarter QSR. We have learned that Outreach has a similar project in mind and so await further developments from Outreach.

Next meeting – Board Meeting - August 8, 2018, 7 am Pacific time, 10 am Eastern

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