CoDA May 9th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA May 9th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: May 19th 2018

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call
May 9, 2018


The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, May 9th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Mary I., Jen L., Salle H., Matt T., and Linda A. as voting members, Don B. as alternate, Conni I., from SOS and guest Yvonne.

Meeting called to order at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST.
Round Robin:

  1. Mary
  2. Jen
  3. Don
  4. Matt
  5. Linda
  6. Salle

Yvonne guest, Conni assisting.

Yvonne of the Events & Communications committees was welcomed as a visitor to the call.

Consent agenda for May unanimously approved

  • Approval of April Face to Face Minutes
  • Motions
    • Move that a Board member have access to the motions database to be able to do quick fixes ourselves.
    • Move that the change to the H&I description in the FSM be approved, per their request, to 'the purpose is to carry the message' replacing 'the purpose is to serve to carry the message''.
  • Chairs Forum April Committee reports circulated
    • VEI Decision – CoDA Literature Committee rejected the Colorado Voting Entity Issue’s proposed addition of a new Low Self-esteem Pattern, “Codependents often guess at what normal is” to the Patterns and Characteristics of Codependents. (Motion Key: 4901, Number: 17028 )

Mary made a motion to accept the consent agenda as presented. Salle seconded. Approved.

Items for discussion

  • Secretary’s report – There is a new H&I meeting category, restricted, for those meetings held in institutions that are also not listed in the meeting database.
  • Treasurer Update –

National Bank of Arizona: $100,000

JP Morgan Chase Checking $150,558

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $120,111

Total Assets: $370,669


  • Website Update –.
    • Various committees have expressed concern about their inclusion in the new website.
    • Labels on the site map have been discussed, as has their translation into Spanish.
    • The matter of the preservation of content (already translated documents), as well as the nature of the Spanish translation for that new site, has been raised.
  • Jen has a follow-up call with the developer on Friday. She will bring any updates, questions or concerns to the board afterwards via email.


  • Fellowship Forum update
    • There was a fair amount of feedback from the April Forum, that included these points:
      • Please post an announcement in the Calendar.
      • Include the data for joining the meeting in that post
      • Provide a summary of the call (1-2 lines) to the fellowship, both as a means of reporting and as a means to interest future participants.
      • The Forum may be led by others. Don volunteered to lead for May.
  • SOS report
    • Conni is awaiting the Board’s responses to the divvied up task of revising its P&P, as well as other deadlines.
    • The hotel for the June face to face Board meeting remains to be decided.
    • The Minutes for the April face to face will be posted, as they have already been distributed via CoDA Announcements.
  • Legal work group Update –
    • DAA (Quebec Emotions Anonymous) sent a request for partnership with CoDA. The board decided this was not compatible with our program, and severed the relationship with DAA.
  • CoRe Update –
    • Both Board liaisons to CoRe have been changed. As CoRe is having its face to face meeting in May, these new liaisons’ first opportunity to attend a CoRe teleconference will be in June.
  • TMC 2X2 Update –
    • For this to be an actual 2x2, another Board member is needed. Salle volunteered.
    • On May 9th a conversation was held with Crystal, TMC Chair, concerning, among other items, those Voting Entities with out of date Publishing and Distribution agreements (P&Ds).
    • TMC is working out a system for calendaring alerts for updating P&D agreements.

Old Business:

  • Board Policies and Procedures Manual review and update - Please give Conni the changes to the P&P Manual by May 15th, for inclusion in the June 8th F2F agenda.
  • Strategic Plan deadlines – Conni sent the Strategic Plan draft to the Board for review. We will discuss further at our June Face to Face.

New Business:

  • Shall we publish expenses for face to face meetings?
    • The Board’s P&P establishes that it will use its credit card for the rooms, meeting room and per diem, with the exception of gratuities and alcohol.
    • Just as the Board declares its expenses, the Board suggests the standing committees do so as well.
    • Discussed having each committee post its face to face expenses in the QSR, along with the Board.
  • New Literature – The Toolkit booklet and two new pamphlets from Outreach will be coming out. Once an item is received in the CoRe warehouse and set up on the CoRe website, and can be purchased, it was:
    • Agreed that the creator of new pieces be the source of announcements, e.g., Outreach for the two new pamphlets and the Literature Committee for the Toolkit.
    • To use the CoDA website home page as an announcement for the first month of a new publication’s availability, as well as send out a CoDA Announcement about the item and announce it on the CoRe website as well.
    • Co-NNections will have a group conscience to consider passing on such announcements to its membership list, to further spread the word.
    • Suggest the QSR include a new category, ‘New Literature’ to further remind the fellowship when a new title is available.


Next meeting – Face to face meeting in Las Vegas, June 8-10


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