2017 CoDA Service Conference Summary

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Subject: 2017 CoDA Service Conference Summary
Date: May 1st 2018

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Summary: 2017 CoDA Service Conference



Greetings, CoDA Fellowship!

Here is a summary of the motions that were passed by the delegates at the 2017 CoDA Service Conference. Only a portion of the motions that were passed is summarized here.

A brief summary of the 2017 CSC highlights

Literature that has been previously approved by a Voting Entity (USA State, Canadian province, other country) or CSC committee can be presented to CSC via a motion for endorsement. If endorsed, it would then be considered official CoDA literature. For reference, this is motion 17001. New guidelines and deadlines were implemented in regards to how to carry out the preceding motion. This is motion 17002.

A literature item, Twelve-Piece Relationship Toolkit from CoDA Canada, was approved as conference endorsed literature. It will be made available to the CoDA fellowship. This is motion 17003.

By group conscience, a CoDA group may designate the focus of their meeting in any way they wish on the World Meeting Locator, so long as the four foundational documents are read at every meeting: the Preamble, the Welcome, the CoDA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. This is motion 17011

Any Voting Entity may submit content to the CoDA Communications Committee (comm@coda.org) for a possible Email Announcement on the CoDA General Announcements List. All potential announcements will be vetted by the Communications Committee to make sure that the submission is in line with CoDA principles. This is motion 17012.

Outreach submitted two new pamphlets for Conference approval, “Information for Professionals” and “Your First Meeting”. Both were approved.

All motions will be emailed to submitcsc@coda.org no later than 75 days before the start of conference with revisions allowed for up to 60 days before the start of conference. All reports, goals and budgets must be emailed 30 days before the start of the conference. Send reports and goals to submitcsc@coda.org. Send budgets to budget@coda.org no later than 30 days before the start of conference. The bylaw motions, motions, and Voting Entity Issues will be posted on the coda.org website, and email notification of their availability, will occur no later than 75 days prior to the start of the CSC. It is the responsibility of the delegate(s) to track and obtain all changes which are posted on the delegate webpage. Hard copies of the delegate package will not be available at the CSC. This is motion 17021. See below for the deadlines for 2018.

The annual CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention flyer will henceforth be offered in both English and Spanish. This is motion 17022.

The Colorado (USA) CoDA Prayer was renamed the "CoDA Recovery Prayer" and became Conference approved.


God help me to:
Accept other people as they are,
Recognize my own feelings,
Meet my own needs, and
Love myself just as I am.

This is motion 17027.


Important Deadlines for the 2018 CoDA Service Conference

Voting Entity Issues (VEIs)

Those VEIs that are received at least 30 days before CSC will be assigned at CSC. VEIs that come in after that deadline or during the rest of the year will be assigned whenever they come in. Whoever has been assigned a VEI will report their responses to the Board, to the VE that initiated the issue and to the Fellowship. Any decisions that require motions will be submitted in time for voting at the next CSC

July 11

CoDA Workshop Applications


July 26

By Law Changes
75-day deadline

Any By Law changes must be submitted to the Board Secretary in electronic form no later than 75 days before the start of Conference. By Law Motions associated with these proposed By Law changes follow the 60 day rule, as defined for all Motions.

July 26

Committee Motions
75-day deadline

All Motions will be emailed to submitcsc@coda.org no later than 75 days before the start of Conference, with revisions allowed for up to 60 days before the start of Conference.
Motions will be posted by the 75 day deadline.

August 10

Revisions to Motions/By Law Motions
60-day deadline


August 10

Applications for Delegate and International Travel Reimbursement Opportunities (Del- and Int-TROs)


September 9

Committee Reports and Goals
30-day deadline

All reports, goals and budgets must be emailed 30 days before the start of the Conference

September 9

Committee Budgets
30-day deadline

All reports, goals and budgets must be emailed 30 days before the start of the Conference

September 9

Voting Entity Issues
30-day deadline



There were a number of changes to the CoDA Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) and to the Issues & Mediations Committee’s Procedures. Motion numbers for these changes include 17006, 17014, 17015, and 17031. Motions that were withdrawn, defeated, or assigned are not broken out in this summary. Some minor changes that will not impact most members are not considered here.

If you’d like to read every motion in full, please download the pdf file of all motions at the 2017 Conference (CSC), found here: http://www.codependents.org/2017.CSC.Final.pdf

All CSC motions from the past 30 years are archived here: http://coda.org/index.cfm/service-info/csc-motions-and-reports/

To listen to almost the entire 2017 CoDA Service Conference in mp3 file segments, go here: http://www.codependents.org/2017/2017_CSC_Audio.htm


In Service,

CoDA Email List Coordinator

CoDA Board Secretary



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