CoDA March 14, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA March 14, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: March 21st 2018

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call
March 14, 2018


The Board of Trustees met on Thursday, March 14th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Mary I., Jen L., Salle H., Matt T., and Linda A. as voting members and Conni I., from SOS.


Meeting called to order at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST.

Round Robin Order:

  1. Jen
  2. Linda
  3. Mary
  4. Matt
  5. Salle
  6. Conni


Consent agenda for March

  • Motions that were approved
    • Accepted January and February minutes as amended.
    • Motion to accept Matt T as new Board member. Intent: to fill the vacancy left by Madeline leaving.
    • Motion to create email address for new Board member Matt T (
    • Motion that CoDA, Inc. pay the Email List Coordinator for up to 20 hours of work to label or tag the audio recordings of the 2017 CoDA Service Conference, in much the same manner as the different parts of a music recording are identified as different tracks so that those who wish to listen may, in future, locate specific motions or reports without having to plow through untagged/undifferentiated hours of recordings.
    • Motion that the Board pay up to $80 for a software program so that the CoDA Email List Coordinator can tag the audio stream of the 2017 CSC.
    • Motion to add to FAQs and advise SSC of this new point: Question: Can I copy CoDA endorsed literature? Answer: CoDA does not allow copying of CoDA endorsed literature, excepting those pamphlets that are available for free download.
    • Motion to request that the Chairs join together to post items on the Meeting List.
    • Motion to send a memo concerning SOS to clarify its role to the Fellowship.
    • Motion that the Board republish the recruitment message below. First published in 2016, we would have it appear four times yearly, each March, July, August and September, with item #9 in bold as suggested.


CoDA members - Please consider doing service with the CoDA Board of Trustees. The board has so many things they would like to accomplish; however, we are limited with a board of five.
We are in need of people who have a few hours a week (around 10 hours coming up to CSC).
Here are the requirements:
1. Working knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Co-Dependents Anonymous.
2. Willingness and availability to serve the Fellowship through major service projects.
3. Demonstration of skills and abilities while doing CoDA Service for two or more years.
4. Understanding and experience of the group conscience process.
5. Courage to express oneself and the ability to listen and communicate effectively with others.
6. Dedication and commitment to the health of CoDA.
7. Desire to carry the message to the still suffering codependent.
8. Skills and experience necessary for the Board of Trustees to fulfill its legal and fiscal responsibilities to the Corporation.
9. Attendance at a previous CSC.
If you are interested, please drop an email to us and we will help with the process.
Please consider doing this valuable service!
CoDA Board of Trustees


  • Motion to make a change on the Meeting Materials Page, moving all links to downloadable/printable materials under one heading, to give greater prominence to the free downloads.
  • Bank Report from Treasurer:
    We have about $120,000 to $125,000 in the Arizona bank.
    Chase Checking, End Balance: $134,750.85
    Chase Savings, End Balance $ 60,103.77
    Total Assets $194,854.62

Mary made a motion to accept the consent agenda as presented. Linda seconded. Approved.


Items for discussion:

  • Secretary’s report – no report.
  • Secretary’s report – no report.
  • Treasurer’s report –
    • A check for $45 has been sent to Geff for the software he will need to organize the audio files of the audio recording of the 2017 CSC.
    • There are at present no payments required via Accounts Payable or ERRs on SmartSheet.
    • Is working with JStreet to update our autopay to them. Should have this taken care of today.
    • National Bank of Arizona – She is now a signer, but needs to move $60,000 to the Chase Bank account. Conni to reach out to Sue at National Bank of AZ to see if we are complete on how to do that transfer from Chase. Conni to copy Salle so she has Sue’s contact info in future.
  • Website Update – Intersection Online has started their framing work on what the website will look like. Geff, Joan and Gerry are working with them. Not sure about the most up to date database is. Mary reported she is working on verifying which of these links to the latest database. Next web meeting is on the 20th at 9am Eastern.
  • Legal work group Update – Mary
    • Only thing pending is a 2x2 with the DAA on Saturday the 17th, that Mary and Jen will attend. This group in Canada has meetings that are not CoDA, but they are using CoDA materials. We will be discussing whether they want to come into CoDA or will have to stop using CoDA materials.
  • CoRe 2X2 update –
    • Secretary sent to CoRe the documentation they have asked for.
    • Translation – still unclear how this will happen. Mary has been talking to Colombia to see if they will take on proofing. CoDA Colombia has agreed to proof “Common Threads.”
  • TMC 2X2 Update –
    • Mary met with TMC. They are working on several items. The work they do is excellent. They are following the roadmap, adjusting some contracts and doing so more consistently. However, execution is slow. Conni offered to contact Crystal directly re those SOS services that could be helpful. Mary will reach out to Crystal before Conni’s call.
    • Trying to work out the flow of literature between Literature, TMC and CoRe. Need to get this process working smoothly.
  • Fellowship Forum update – Jen suggested Sunday, March 25th at noon Pacific/3 Eastern. There will be no particular topic, just Board members making themselves available to CoDA members. Earlier that same day, at 10am, there will be a Spanish-language Forum on sponsorship.
    • Linda is working on a flier for the April 14th Arizona Fellowship Forum, that will take place at the hotel where the Board is meeting, face to face. There will be 2 rooms, one for the English Forum and another one for the Spanish Forum.
  • Chairs Forum reports – Link was provided and all acknowledged receipt.


    Old Business:

  • Where to store committee minutes and Chairs Forum records? Office 365's SharePoint for Chairs Forum and Committees? Jen to resolve by next Chairs Forum
    • Linda and Mary were on the last Chairs Forum. Linda is board liaison and Mary backup, Jen is the Board Chair and is on the committee. Other board members may attend, but may not have voice.
    • Heard the Chairs have agreed to have a Chairs Forum day on Monday at CSC. Salle to ask how the Chairs Forum will be funded on the Finance call today.
  • Where to post the lawyer’s answer about translations for future chairs’ reference? Agreed to take this item to email conversation.
  • New Business: All new business has been moved to email conversation.
  • Where to store CoDA literature in digital form? Use SOS for lit masters.
  • Discuss Translations.
  • Discuss the message about Social Media and Anonymity in CoDA Announcements.
  • Discuss letter about protecting copyright for groups that serialize CoDA literature in emails or chats.
  • Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • CSC motions
  • Structure Workgroup update
  • Next meeting – Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 10am EST, 7am PST, but cf. face to face, April 13-15, in Arizona

    Closed meeting at 8am.


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