What Does SOS do for CoDA?

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Subject: What Does SOS do for CoDA?
Date: March 7th 2018

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees, board@coda.org


What Does SOS do for CoDA?


CoDA, Inc. relies on an association management company, or AMC, to maintain its ongoing financial, legal and business contracts. There have been many questions about what this company is, what it costs and why the Board can’t take care of these matters ourselves. We are happy to stipulate why we need the ongoing support of an association management company and what it provides CoDA.


CoDA’s management company is often referred to by its name, SOS, but in general the term association management company (AMC) is used. What does SOS do for CoDA? SOS watches over CoDA's affairs in 8 areas: Accounting; Agreements/archiving; Board & communication associated with/for it; Communication; Events/CoDA Service Conference; Policies & Procedure, Strategic planning and CoDA's Website. Within these areas of operation, SOS keeps CoDA's licenses up to date, ascertains that CoDA's yearly recurring bills are handled and helps maintain CoDA's legal agreements. Most of all, SOS helps CoDA to maintain continuity, from one board to the next, without having to reinvent the wheel.


In the past, each successive CoDA Board kept redoing policies and decisions. Since each Board member is in place for only three years, and members of the Board don’t all start and end their terms at the same time, there are lots of opportunities to redo things because there is no communal memory of how things have been done - be that last year or, say, three or six years ago. The AMC keeps track of what has or hasn’t been done previously. It reminds trustees (each of whom work, have relationship obligations and work their own recovery) of the Board's to do list. The AMC also reminds the Board when something it is considering has been decided previously. They come to CSC as set up/maintenance of equipment, as well as record keepers, recording the motions each year – it has been clear, having the same people doing this work are vital to accurate records. They have helped the board and many committees to create Policy and Procedures – vital to the health of committees and CoDA as a whole. This AMC has more than once saved CoDA legal fees, by providing information it obtained, either from another client or from the association to which it belongs. In 2017, the AMC services to CoDA across all cost areas were as follows:


Accounting 13.8%; Agreements/Archive 14.4%; board 9.1%; Comm 8.4%; Events/CSC 31.2%; Policies/procedures 2.7%, Strategic Planning 8.2%; Website 12.1%.


The Board has investigated the comparative cost of an AMC versus having an office. Maintaining an office, in the cheapest location near a large city, is expensive. By dealing instead with an AMC, CoDA saves about $20,000 per year, because it does not have to purchase computers, printers, scanners, office furniture, storage space (yes, AMC provides storage for CoDA's old records), pay employees or the expenses related to having employees. On top of that, consider the cost of replacing broken or out of date equipment. Such considerations add up quickly!


If you have any questions, please send inquiries to Board@CoDA.org

In service,

The CoDA board



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