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Subject: [list_settings.list_name]: Announcement of Officers and Liaisons CSC 2012
Date: August 2nd 2012

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Dear Fellowship,

CSC 2012 was another exciting year with hope for the new year coming. We elected two new Board members- David Mc from Texas and Hal H. from So CAL. On July 13th, we met as the new Board and elected a new slate of Board Officers. Your new officers are:

Board Chair- Lisa B., Vice Chair- Florence F., Secretary- Evie S. and Treasurer- Barbara D.

We also reassigned the Board Liaisons, they are as follows:

Ad Hoc Committee - first- David Mc. - back up - Dagmar M.

CoDA Resource Publishing Co. (CoRE) -first- Dagmar M. --- backup- Hal H.

Communications (Comm) - first- Florence F. --- backup- no assignment

Co-NNEctions Committee - first- Jutta--- back up --- Florence F.

Events Committee - first- Hal H. --- backup- Lisa B.

Fellowship Services Workers Liaison (FSW) - first- Barbara D.--- back up - Florence F.

Finance Committee- first- Barbara D. --- back up- Dagmar M.

Hospitals and Institutions Committee (H and I) -First- Barbara --- back up Jutta

Issues and Mediation Committee (IMC) - first- David Mc.—back up-Evie S.

Legal Liaison - Evie S. - back up Florence F.

Literature Committee- first- Dagmar M. -- backup- Hal H.

Outreach Committee - first- Evie S.--- backup- no assignment

Pro-Active Outreach Task Force- (POTF) first-Florence F. --- back up- Jutta E.

Quarterly Service Report (QSR)- first- Lisa B. --- back up- no assignment

Spanish Outreach Committee (SPO) - first- Mercedes--- backup- Lisa B.

Service Structure Committee (SSC - first- Evie S. - back up - no assignment

Translation Management Committee (TMC) - first- Lisa B. --- back up- Mercedes/Evie S.

Webmaster Liaison - first - Barbara --- backup - David Mc.

A more detailed Board Summary of the Board Pre-Conference face to face meetings, CoDA Service Conference (CSC) Highlights and our Post Conference Board face to face meeting will follow soon. Our next conference call board meeting will be on Sunday, August 18th. More details for joining our conference call will be sent shortly too.

Sincerely, Florence F. - OUTGOING Board Secretary

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