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Date: July 12th 2012

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Day 2 Wednesday July 11, 2012

At 9:00 am the general session began with the reading of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Service Concepts by members of delegation. All VEs (Voting Entities) recited the Serenity Prayer.

Quorum count: reached

Issues Mediation Committee (IMC) Motions

Motion 1b - Added internet address to the FSM and removed duplicate wording. Motion passed

Motion 3 - To update FSM to match the By-Laws plus adding the application process for splitting VE's. Motion passed

Motion 2 - Added the eligibility to run to be a member of IMC to include past and to allow for current members of IMC to be re-elected even if they are not present at CSC if they have requested to do so in writing. Motion passed

Motions 4 & 5 were cancelled

IMC Report - 2 major issues were handled and completed, one took one year, another took a year and a half and were turned over to the board, many minor issues, including people who were sanctioned from attending local meetings by not following the 12 traditions were resolved or are in the process of being resolved.

Service Structure Committee (SSC)

Motion 1 - A portion of Section 1C of the Meeting Starter Packet was restated related to tax i.d. number and banking info Motion passed

Report- The AZ VEI #1 wanting all CoDA conference speakers to be CoDA members was sent back to AZ for clarification of speakers

Hospitals and Institution (H & I)

Report - reduced response time to inmate mail requests from 6-8 weeks to 2-4 weeks, updated website, 190 letters answered, 179 Big Books sent to Institutions, 79 CoDA 12 Step workbooks and 1 "In the Moment" book sent to institutions, there will be co-chairs this year in order to help carry on the strength of the past work into the future

Books for Inmates - Standard packet - small packet of booklets and pamphlets - 8 sent out this year. Ordering and processing procedures have been implemented and it has made payment processing so much easier, $1,046 in donations - the equivalent of 261 books

Motion 1 - Move that Board be tasked to create and implement a process whereby the committee chairs, at least quarterly, receive reports of YTD expenses and Income against Budget. Motion passed

Literature Committee

Motion 1 - Changed in the “Making Choices" pamphlet in the Sexuality and Spirituality section to "Identification of, and expression of, my gender and my sexual orientation are my right. No one else has a right to define who I am." Motion passed

Report - projects for the next year - working on a submission tentatively titled "Reparenting Our Inner-Child." The second project is to write an expanded Group Inventory process. Encouraged everyone to submit a story or an update to existing story for the Big Book. Written stories are appreciated; a spoken version will be accepted from those who do not write well.

Finance Committee

Motion 1 - Added new definition of the Finance Committee to FSM. Motion passed

Motion 2 - Update the Expense Reimbursement Policy - Of Special Note: Expense reimbursement requests submitted after 60 days are considered income to the member and must be filed with their income tax return per IRS regulation. Motion passed

Motion 3 - Replace Expense Reimbursement Procedure in FSM. Motion passed

Addendum to Motion 2 - Tabled to old business

Translation Management Committee

Egypt is almost done translating the Blue Book, 15 new country contacts, currently proofreading the Spanish version of the Blue book, we have added two new contracts, one from Greece and one from Israel, Brazil has received and signed contracts with CoDA, answered queries from many countries around the World. The Portuguese Blue Book is available. Have Spanish version of 12 Step, 12 Tradition Workbook.

IMC Elections

The new IMC committee was voted in by CSC who are Natasha K, John R, Addie M, Jim D and Jamie W


Spam is down and email activity increases in the months leading up to CSC which indicates that a new server may be required sometime in the future, website is a mess- the layout is not user friendly, all links are buried in the menu program, website design – sent proposal to Board which included that he write an HTML program between $3600 and $6000, not decision has been made by the Board, he is requesting people who use the website a lot, know where the problems are and have possible solutions to become volunteers on a new website task force.

Co-NNections Report An online collection of writings, graphic art and other forms of sharing of thoughts about recovery journeys submitted by CoDA members. Received, reviewed and posted writings. This year’s focus was collecting Words of Wisdom from the CSC, creating email sources, training a new chair, developed a new copyright policy for the articles. Also, exploring and implementing new web-based venues in which members can share their personal CoDA recovery experiences. Visit Co-NNections at http://coda.org/co-nnections.php and Weekly Readings at http://coda.org/week-read.php

Approval of Board motions - All the motions that the Board has passed since last CSC were presented to the CSC for ratification. Passed

Approval of Today's motions and yesterday's motions tabled again -:) until the end of CSC.

A recovering CoDA member gave public amends to the Board, IMC and CSC.

Adjourned at 5:06 p.m.

For more information, you are encouraged to go to the CoDA website www.coda.org, click on delegate package to read the motions in their entirety for more information.

Throughout the day, it was encouraged, that if anyone who had a question or needed further information about a presentation, to join a committee to become part of the process and to also bring these service work opportunities back to intergroup and local meetings. Any form of service work, small or great, is welcome at all levels of CoDA.

CoDA members are encouraged to sign up for CoDA Announcements at http://codependents.org or by link from the main CoDA website http://coda.org to stay informed about what is going on throughout CoDA as a whole during the year.

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