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Date: July 11th 2012

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The first day of the CoDA World Service Conference (CSC) of 2012 in Ashville, North Carolina opened with an orientation for all new delegates. First time Voting Entities were told what the various acronyms used for committees meant. For example: IMC - Issues and Mediation Committee, CLC - CoDA Literature Committee, H&I - Hospital and Institutions Committee, Quarterly Service Report (QSR), Spanish Outreach Committee (SPO), Service Structure Committee (SSC), and CoDA Resource Publishing (CoRe) to just name a few. At 9:00 am the general session began with the reading of the Twelve Step, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Service Concepts by member of delegation. All VEs (Voting Entities) recited the Serenity Prayer.

The CoDA Board of Trustees outlined their focus for this conference, accomplishments, goals, progress on the new website, past voting issues and assigned the Arizona Voting Issue for this year to SSC.

The CoDA Board of Trustees acknowledged the dedication and hard work provided to the Fellowship of CoDA World by Curtis before he passed away earlier this year. In the dispute Curtis filed with IMC it was found that he did not do anything wrong either fiduciary or otherwise and was wrongly accused. Curtis’ service included the positions of webmaster, on-line support point person, Treasurer and he worked on most of the World Committees at one time. Curtis worked his program and was an example to us all of how to live Step Twelve.

They then presented Motion 6 with Definition changes and timeframe clarification to improve understanding of CSC document submission terminology and to change the CSC Voting Entity Issues submitted deadline to 30 days prior to conference since they are not voted on but assigned to a committee by the Board during conference to work on during the upcoming year. The motion passed and the wording will be placed in the FSM (Fellowship Service Manual).

Motion 5 added Skills and experience necessary for the Board of Trustees to fulfill its legal and fiscal responsibilities to the Corporation which includes adding a qualification of attendance at a previous CSC. The motion passed. Motion 3 added the Twelve Service Concepts to our By Laws and included them as part of the decision making process used by the Board instead of just the Twelve Steps and Traditions. The motion passed.

Motion 2 added the following wording to the By Law: "and observe and support the work of the committees as directed by the CoDA Service Conference". The motion passed.

The Ad Hoc Committee report was given with its recommendations. Their Intent was to have a balance between the business side and the Fellowship side of CoDA. The CSC will have to present motions in order to have the Ad Hoc Committee authorized to meet in the upcoming year and to implement any of their suggestions.

The Finance Committee explained the Budget Process: Each committee sends in a budget request and the board sends in three budget requests for each of their separate responsibilities before CSC. The Finance Committee sets aside a prudent reserve - 3 previous years expenses - and then takes available funds and assigns the budgets for this coming year. The final budget is approved by the CSC.

The Events committee presented a motion to detail in the FSM the current process used in elections for members of the CoDA and CoRe Board of Trustees The motion passed.

The Treasurer's report stated that the majority of our money comes from CoRe Royalties on literature sales. Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney currently holds our investments and our checking account. CoDA may switch our checking account because CoDA is encountering problems with their new checking account policies. Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney will continue holding the Fellowships investments. Please note that CoDA investments are not made for income just for stability.

CoRe presented the financials for the sales this year up until May 2012. Since the web store opened our sales have increased dramatically. The CoDA blue book is now in electronic form and may be purchased for download. Thank you to Terri M. for programming the e-book for the Fellowship. Normally it costs from $500.00 to $800.00 to have a book coded and we would no longer own the book. CoRe/CoDA own the book and it is protected. A demonstration was given on the different formats for reading the e-book - computers, smart phones, e-pads and e-ink readers. It even has the capability of being read out loud to the consumer by electronic device.

CoRe provided each VE Delegate with a Twelve Step/Twelve Tradition Workbook, a Twelve Step Handbook and Boundaries pamphlet.

The approval of today's (Tuesday's) motions and reports will be moved to Wednesday morning due to time constraints.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm

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