CoDA Weekly Reading 6/11/24

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Date: June 11th 2024

mother’s garden


where does

the line


I am

ending it


I am

ending it


I am so


but I am

ending it


I’m lost

in what

I was given

but it ends


deep in my


memories of


passed down

from mother

to mother

to mother

to me

I carry

the weight

of the women

who carried

the weight

of me

—and I am so, so heavy.

the line is drawn


no more


to carry the


no more sons


the blame

no more hatred

no more grief

no more begging

stay, please—“

I end it


I end it


I lit the match

I’m burning it down

I fall to my


my soul

cries out

ravaged by the fire

a holy sound

this womb is empty

there’s nothing now—

I reap what

they have


the ground is charred

my skin is scarred

my heart is marred—

still here I am.

will I find relief

amongst the embers?

or will I find grief

is all I can remember?

I fear there is nothing left.

but wait—

from the ashes—

the soil—

the soul—

grows fertile


the flames could not take

what life could not break—

the soil, the soul


we return to the place

from which we came—

the soil, the soul


we cannot strip the soul

of what makes it a soul

as we cannot strip the soil

of its history—

everything we are

is everything we were

is everything we will be—

to grow

we must have




but to live

to breathe

to thrive

we need the soil—

we need the soul—

passed down

from mother

to mother

to mother
to me

here I grow!

my roots

deep and strong

it’s been so long—

can I hold on?

breathe in

breathe out

it’s okay now—

we’re here.

here in the ground

my soul is found

I feed on what remains—

the souls of my mothers

and their mothers—

their soil, fine and rich—

their echoing pain

stripped by the flames

their love is what remains

and from the ashes

we rise—


the line ends


but finally

the garden

is green.


Sean L.  04/14/2024



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