CoDA Weekly Reading 3/12/24

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Date: March 12th 2024

Now Programming Self-love

CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) recovery has brought sincere positive changes to my life and has helped me to change my old programming in promises of a new one.

One of the Promises that has been fulfilled through this program is "The feeling of emptiness and loneliness will disappear". In my codependency, I often felt depleted and alone, despite being in a room full of others. However, through the support and guidance of CoDA, I have learned to address the root causes of my codependency and work towards healing and loving myself. A huge part of that was being of service in the program that saved my life. As a result, I no longer feel that deep sense of emptiness and loneliness that used to consume me. I have found a new sense of purpose and fulfillment within myself.

Additionally, CoDA has also helped me live and breathe another Promise - "I know a new sense of belonging". As a codependent, I often felt like I didn't belong anywhere and struggled to form healthy relationships. Through CoDA, I have found a community of individuals who understand and relate to my struggles. This sense of belonging has given me confidence and comfort in my own skin. I no longer feel the need to seek outside validation or approval from others, as I have found a sense of belonging within myself and my CoDA community.

As a result, CoDA recovery has truly given me a life of my own by helping me overcome feelings of emptiness and loneliness and providing me with a new sense of belonging. Raining the importance of service, when I'm feeling less than, self-love when I feel unlovable and strength to stand up for myself in loving safe ways. I am forever grateful for the loving support and tools that this program has freely provided, allowing me to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I now take my experience Strength and hope to share with the next codependent who still suffers. My story is still being written but I closed the chapter on "Not feeling loved or welcomed". I am a unique and precious creation. I deserve the love I give others. Thank you, CoDA for providing me the safe space to find the real me.

In the spirit of love and truth,

Denire' 01/26/2024



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