CoDA Weekly Reading 1/02/24

From: "CoDA Weekly Reading" <>
Date: January 2nd 2024



Frustrated. Sad.

Caught up in extremes

Of relationship feelings.

This too shall pass.


Angry, who’s to blame?

Shocked. “They” forgot.

“They” made other plans.

What about me?


Hurt? Of course. Assumptions?

Absolutely! Layers of stories

affirming worst fear: not enough.

Mistaken beliefs, past life of lies.


Insecurity stoking codependent fire.

Can’t push down, shouldn’t catastrophize.

Grieving, just wanted to connect.

Yet angry, surely now detach is better?


Torn by polar opposites.

Conflicting emotions, all valid.

Go towards. No, push away.

Neither is helpful.


P.A.U.S.E.* Breathe. Pray for truth.


Time together matters.

Space for now. I matter too.


Inner worth, gaining strength.

Time passes. It wasn’t personal.

Calm acceptance, best laid plans not meant to be.

So, what matters more?


Love. It hurts. And it’s still worth it.

It’s OK to be sad, then forgive.

Life is a rubber band meant to be pulled

To move forward, let it go.


Flying, remembering love

We’re only human.

All doing our best

This too shall pass.


*PAUSE = Postpone Action Until Serenity


Linda, a grateful codependent




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