CoDA Weekly Readings Seeks New Articles

From: "CoDA Weekly Reading" <>
Date: July 17th 2019

We're writing today looking for CoDA members who would be interested in contributing to the Weekly Readings.

We're looking for new material to send out for the Weekly Reading. We are especially looking for articles describing how the program helped you find recovery, happiness & serenity. We are also open to submissions that speak of the pain and struggle associated with recovering from Co-dependency. The format of the submission is left up to you. We may potentially accept any submission related to recovery. Suggested topics could include sponsorship, recovery success stories, boundaries, recovery insights, your experience with service work, or anything that is relevant to your experience. All submissions must adhere to the principles found in the 12 Traditions.

All writers must agree to the copyright statement before their submissions may be considered for publication.

(NOTE: The copyright statement can be found at the bottom of the submission page).

You can submit your thoughts and/or story here:

Or email to

You can view previous 2015 - 2019 articles here:

Both Weekly Readings and Meeting In Print are also looking for new members! Service in Co-NNections can be very rewarding, & tends to focus on recovery rather than internal business. Knowledge of the 12 traditions & Editing skills can be helpful. At this time we are also searching for people with basic tech skills, though that is not a requirement for volunteering. We do ask that you have at least 18 months consecutive CoDA Meeting attendence.

Please contact if you're interested!


Everybody in CoDA has a story to tell. Sharing yours may help thousands of codependents still suffering. Please contribute your experience, strength and hope by emailing your story to


You can review previous 2015 - 2019 readings here: .

Older readings are here:

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If you wish more information by phone, please call (888) 444-2359 {Toll free} or (602) 277-7991.

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