CoDA Weekly Reading 12/12/17

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Subject: CoDA Weekly Reading 12/12/17
Date: December 11th 2017

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Words Of Wisdom
2017 (A collection of short readings)


Here are my magic words of recovery. Maybe they can be so for you as well.


Oops: I can't always get it right so why be ashamed of it?


Ouch: I deserve to be treated respectfully and only I can train others to do so.


Help: Who said I have to do it alone?


No: The most important word of all. Only I can decide for my life.


JBR – 12/4/17


Sometimes in life you just have to let go... If you don't make the changes then nothing changes, don't keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results or answers.


Denice - 11/25/17


Let go of the what if’s ... What if I wasn’t so demanding? What if I showed them I loved them more? What if I made more time? What if I tried harder to make it work? What if I didn’t lose my temper so quickly? What if I disappeared?


Would anyone notice ????


Liberty 11/28/17


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