CoDA Weekly Reading 12/6/16

From: "CoDA Weekly Reading" <>
Subject: CoDA Weekly Reading 12/6/16
Date: December 6th 2016

I became aware of CoDA through my therapist many years ago. My recovery has revealed the brave, beautiful inner child that is my true self. Words cannot express how meaningful this journey is for me. Here, I share how CoDA and 12 step recovery helps me to see ME.


---------- This little child of mine; 
Crying a deep ache that 
Clenches her being and
Causes her to feel the suffocating
Force of

Who are you, little child?
Where are you, little child?
If I could dry the tears from
Your eyes and tell you that
Everything is going to be okay, would 
You believe me?

If I could hold you in my arms and 
Sing you a song, 
Would you listen with your 
Whole heart?

I only want to Love You, little child
I only want to See You, little child
Because what you forgot is,
You are Me and I am You.

I am the little child. 


Sadie - 10/16

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