CoDA Hospitals & Institutions Committee Need for Sponsors

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Date: November 20th 2023


H&I Committee  

Need for Sponsors 


Our committee is experiencing an unprecedented need for sponsors for inmates in prisons and jails across the country, 

One in fourteen children in the US will have a parent in prison at some point during their childhood. These children, and their caregivers, are often angry, confused and hurt. 

When an incarcerated person works the program. They have a better understanding of relationships which can potentially Increase Resilience in their Children.  

Our current need is 17 sponsors. As we approach the holidays, please keep these still suffering codependents in your thoughts.  

Consider sponsoring someone who could use the hope of recovery in the coming year.  

During the Holiday season many of us sit down and make out cards, and notes to loved ones, and remember the years before we found recovery, and the power to make it work in our lives. 

Think how rewarding it could be to help someone, we have never met find serenity and peace. It is very special to receive a handwritten letter, and chart the progress, as you make a difference in someone’s life, world and family. 


For information contact InmateSponsorship@PROTECTED. 


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