CoDA Hospitals & Institutions: H&I Lights Newsletter #8

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Date: August 16th 2022

   H&I Lights Newsletter

of the Hospitals & Institutions Committee of CoDA  

 Beam 8    August 2022      


What could you do when a Facility requests your help in bringing CoDA to those residing in their facility? 

 Establish Contact people: 

  1. Contact person at a facility: Social Worker, Spiritual leader, Librarian, Warden, Director, or counselor). This may be the person who contacted CoDA with the request.
  1. Find local CoDA meeting members willing to work together in these efforts.   
  1. At least two people initial panel or presentation of CoDA’s program, to staff only, may be helpful.  May bring CoDA pamphlets such as” What is CoDA?”, “Am I Codependent?”, Establishing Boundaries In Recovery”, and “Communication and Recovery” to the initial meeting.

What you can do: 

  1. Local meeting lists can be made available to facility residents who are about to be released. 
  1. Donate CoDA literature with local meeting information on them for book carts or the facility’s library. 
  1. Donate to Books for Inmates and Institutions (BFII) if you cannot afford to put local meeting literature with their information included. Your group may designate which books you want to be donated to which institutions.
  1. Hold meetings in a facility with non-resident CoDA member leading the meeting:  

Determine frequency of meetings between staff and CoDA volunteers.  Panels can be done quarterly or monthly as determined by the people involved. 

Conduct panels of 2-4 local volunteers who share their experience, strength and hope and general information about CoDA with residents in the facility or  speaker meetings (one or more volunteers), step meetings, and sharing meetings with or without open discussions usually followed by a time for questions (from residents) and answers.  

 Contact hosp@PROTECTED for further information. 

 If you or your local meeting have experience in taking CoDA into a facility, please share your ESH with hosp@PROTECTED. 



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